1. This is one of the things that cracked me up so much about her lol. That and the training she did

  2. Stephanie legit made me laugh out loud with her Shannon impression

  3. Tommie has some loose screws, probably more so than Rock

  4. A character who’s a cross between Ron Swanson and the Serial Killer from Wolf Creek

  5. I like the concept of Rock’s look but its styled horribly

  6. During Episode 1-2 Erica was top tier, but damn she went downhill fast in an attempt to be HBIC and the Rima bullying.

  7. Ryan getting casted at all was such a waste. She was very pretty but is on Raesha level of irrelevancy

  8. Love how she wants 1000 comments because she for damn sure ain’t getting no 1000 likes

  9. Mimi was the most mature and was a kind soul, it sucked that she had to change up her character to survive the house. She was lowkey hilarious too

  10. Jaimee and Jaz were hilarious and i loved how they stood their ground 100% but they were annoying and a bit immature with how they partied. Buttt the hate towards them was excessive. I feel like Amber and Aysia beef towards them was justified, but Kristina Angela and the thousandaires were complete followers and bandwagon’d the Jaimee and Jaz hate so they could preserve their asses in the house. The dynamics changed immediately when Hanan and Susu pulled up because they were independent baddies and are up there with the Camilla and Wilma in terms of replacement game changers for a season

  11. If it was a lsfyl format top 3 would be Kendra Melissa Evah lool

  12. I feel like y’all forget that shorty’s mixed . She’s posted family photos, MULTIPLE tomes

  13. I’m pretty sure some of the people pressed aren’t even black lol

  14. Jada would be bottom of the food chain (no offense to her i actually like Jada)

  15. Sigourney and Saint revealed that Boulets advises the contestants to watch certain tv shows like Bad Girls Club before filming. I personally find it hilarious and I’m waiting for a contestant to bring out the pots and pans lol

  16. “You mad you a stripper who thought she was to get wifed but didnt sike”

  17. Having to mention ‘camera pans’ in your indication of narcissism really shows how editing plays a huge part in shaping someone’s personality on a reality television program

  18. Dude seems like an ass, “My girl is unappreciative” like bro wtf she’s not required to accept your bumass proposal lol have some grace when you get denied!

  19. I broadly agree with you with one exception. Gottmik winning would not feel correct to me.

  20. Not y’all ignoring the bigot brothers sweeping everything under the rug😅

  21. I don’t want y’all to do anything. I want the boulets to genuinely address the situation

  22. Then why say “y’all ignoring” if you want us to do nothing lool

  23. am i the only one who found it to be the worst episode of the series lol 💀

  24. Not a big fan of wrestling but this episode was quintessential Dragula! Weve seen billions of over accessorized gowns at this point so i dont mind the glorified bodysuits (which is kinda dismissive of the work and concept creation that monsters like Melissa,vic,Astrud or even Hoso put forward). Drag is more than outfits, i love the performance and creativity this challenge allowed this week

  25. Werk, i respect it. Just offering my opinion to your opinion because im an opinionated fag lol

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