by the Ohio Governor and EPA Chief to prove the tap water was safe by pretending to drink it.

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  1. Weed has 4x the amount of tar found in tobacco the biggest difference is weed isn’t carcinogenic so it’s still healthier to smoke but that’s why the filter looks so nasty so much faster. I use a filter for my bong called a MouthPeace and it’s really shows how much shit gets into your lungs without filters

  2. Put a bandaid around it like they did in the end of the episode!!

  3. Serious question. When are we gonna start beating these people down in the streets

  4. There’s a choice for people who smoke up to an eighth and people who smoke at least an eight. Did that really need to be explained to you?

  5. Stop enabling. She’s fat because she’s consuming more energy than she needs. Not because she’s not playing sports. If she doesn’t want to be fat, then she needs to bring her caloric intake into balance.

  6. Have you ever heard of the dunning Kruger effect? You’re just playing semantics here. you’re acting like no one else has context as to what that title could be talking about

  7. Have you ever heard of people eating “stopping sports” for sustenance? Maybe we could solve world hunger if we just tell hungry people to stop sports.

  8. Use dry shampoo on all your clothes after you’re done smoking. It absorbs the oils that get onto your clothes that make you stink

  9. I can understand how it would be nice keeping everything so clean and organized but I feel like I couldn’t enjoy my stuff out of fear of ruining it

  10. It would make being sick a bit more difficult but for $365,000 a year I’ll manage

  11. Right! Totally agree. Like if I were doing it in any sort of inappropriate way, I would get that. But I only ever take my shirt off if it is only me or him home. I tried to ask him why it bothers him and he says “it just does” or “boobs are sexual and it isn’t a sexual time” or something like that.

  12. He’s literally just worried about himself and how you make him feel. He thinks boobs are only for him to get sexual gratification and when he can’t get it he doesn’t want to see them.

  13. She blew past a simple boundary he set like 12 seconds prior. Super disrespectful and dangerous

  14. Cut the bottom and place it in front of their door

  15. Those eyes in the first picture are calling for something great. She needs an adventure

  16. I like working out on sativa strains like green crack but none of them will help you physically. It just makes lifting weights more engaging for me

  17. Go to the merch website right now they have a green one

  18. I am pretty sure, that this is a goldenrod crab spider. The females can actually change color to be disguise themselves in any flower. One of my favourite spiders and a really great picture. Thanks for sharing

  19. They also reflect the same UV light as the stamen inside the flower

  20. I would’ve screamed so loud it’s not even funny

  21. People keep talking about documents but it’s just a bit and that’s the line they’re using to run it.

  22. Why not? The owner doesn't do anything anyway, obviously the pizza place can afford it since they did it this one time. Plus they could cut the owners salary out and the employees could get $79/ hr instead

  23. The owner ate the cost of ingredients that day and for 220 pizzas that’s a lot of stuff. Not including the opposition costs of running a business that aren’t even thought about with that $79. The owner did a really nice thing for his employees I don’t think it matters how often he does it

  24. YTA. You overstepped your boundaries because you were insecure. You didn’t care about him or respect him. Your attention may have been directed at him but it was only to watch out for yourself.

  25. Not everyone views being bigger as a bad thing but that doesn’t mean you can’t set boundaries on what people address. Did you have a conversation with your daughters friend to let her know that you don’t appreciate her commenting on your weight regardless of intention?

  26. Things not to do : draw the anger of a crowd in a foreign country

  27. You’re right my bad. She did come out originally claiming she was from Spain I guess hoping to get some empathy for being a tourist

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