1. and people wonder why nobody intelligent wants a career in education.

  2. Id say my biggest question of all is why 5 kids? Obviously people can only be so careful and sometimes life just finds a way, but 5 kids? Why stretch yourself so far out of your means? Really anyone for that matter. Why have more children than you can realistically afford to give a good life? It really is just irresponsible, especially considering how easy it is to get FREE contraceptives. If you are already at the point where you are relying on government assistance and are only on one income, maybe you should change up your strategy a bit.

  3. Pedophiles. They have been attempting to rebrand the last decade and have been trying to paint pedophilia as a identity. Stands for "Minor attracted person" or call it what it is, "most absolutely pedophiles".

  4. This is the kind of stuff that really makes me wonder "why?". like, why do this? What does anyone stand to gain from normalizing this shit? And even better question to be asking is, who is wanting this normalized and why?

  5. I don't really get why it makes you wonder "who" and "why" when the answer is pretty clearly pedophiles trying to make it easier to be pedophiles.

  6. Is it just them? Is it ever just "them"? It certainly isnt just fat people trying to normalize being obese.

  7. Yeah, dying doesn't change world tendency when you are in soul form. Although you might want to use the cling ring to not be crippled by the health debuff.

  8. My entire experience playing has been purely in soul form.

  9. Yeah, it will not be pleasant. I finished the game the weekend the show premiered, and i specifically remember in that moment being like..."well this is going to suck to watch unfold".

  10. I think a lot of people are missing the fact that Bills letter at the end of the episode is a HUGE progression point within the story. If Joel doesn’t hear what the letter says, there is not enough drive to continue his journey with Ellie.

  11. It personally was one of the better episodes I have ever seen of any show, period. Especially from an emotional standpoint.

  12. Good job dad. I would say that your daughter learned a very valuable life lesson here.

  13. Definitely with you here, but my god, what an incredible episode. When that song came on when they were exchanging rings in the boutique, I definitely teared up a bit. Only a few select scenes in shows and movies have ever made me do that, and this was definitely one of them.

  14. I always rationalized it by "getting by"...."Oh, well I have a decent job and pay all my bills and do X,Y, me smoking all the time is totally cool". One of the biggest things I realized when I stopped, was how much it was holding me back all these years and how much untapped potential I had been wasting. Most certainly am not saying it is that way for everyone, but it made me ok with being average.

  15. It is certainly a game that every gamer should experience, but isnt going to be a game that every gamer will enjoy playing. I put about 30 hours in and decided I couldnt do it anymore. With that though, I did recently buy Demons Souls and am absolutely in love with it. It has kind of given me a better understanding of these games and might actually make me want to try Elden Ring again. Demons Souls is way more linear compared to ER and is easier to figure out what specifically you need to do. It is still hard, but feels way more manageable. My thing with ER was that there really is just no explanation for things. I 100% dont want a game telling me how to do every single thing, but I was finding that I was spending a substantial amount of time on youtube just to do basic quests.

  16. Was Yanni on the ice at the time? I feel like he would have stepped up. He has before.

  17. I’m just looking for 3 tickets for Saturday 2/18 vs the red wings. The game on 2/16 vs the flyers is significantly cheaper so l guess the Saturday games are higher prices

  18. Well that is your problem right there. Weekend games cost more and the Flyers are a big name team for the NHL. I spent 250 on two upper level tickets for the Stars game in March, and I literally bought those last month. NHL prices are notoriously pricey from what I have heard.

  19. If I am not mistaken, more people are killed each year using fists and blunt objects than they are with guns.

  20. It took me multiple tries, but by the time I got to him, I was almost annoyed at how weak he was. REALLY enjoying this game. I was really overwhelmed with Elden Ring and just couldnt enjoy it (even though I appreciated the hell out of it). I am completely hooked on this though and always look forward to playing more.

  21. Thank you. I was genuinely kind of worried going into the night. I have been in multiple settings in the past where people are weird about sobriety, and often dont want to be around people who are sober. I knew my friends would be cool with it, but I was just really relieved that they were really happy for me. Most of these guys I have known since we were in grade school and know that I have had some tough times with substances before.

  22. Thats great! Thank you for sharing and for the words of encouragement. Really appreciate it.

  23. The "hitler fled to Argentina" rabbit hole was a WILD RIDE.

  24. That's how I feel. As someone who has voted for her, this really needs some accountability.

  25. Well my meaty trans cock is attached to me, hopefully not for long though. But to engage with your point, that’s not comparable at all since weens determine the future existence of our species and are also attached to you. Your shiny new Glock is not.

  26. Its the same concept. If you arent going to be committing any crimes, why get rid of it?

  27. It’s not at all, cutting off your cock would require a painful extensive surgery, and would also literally stop us from having kids. Guns all you’ve gotta do is hand it over. You’re trying to make a parallel that doesn’t work at all.

  28. you wouldnt be committing a sexual assault with it though now would you? And that is still an assumption that every gun owner at some point is going to be a criminal. Which is fucking stupid.

  29. I love science, so of course I theorize things and ask questions all the time.

  30. When you say anti vaxxer, are you lumping in the people who genuinely had questions about the covid response and the way vaccines were implemented and their overall efficacy, with people who refuse any kind of vaccine for themselves and their kids?

  31. What class are you? I had the same problem initially and then switched to a royal, and the rest is history. Sure, royal is majorly OP, but we play the game to have fun right?

  32. I havent done it. I dont feel like starting over just to get it and am pretty happy with my build and the game. What were your thoughts on elden ring? I am enjoying this substantially more than I did elden ring. I like how I can still build my guy up and find cool shit, but have way more structure in the map. Elden ring is one of the craziest games I have ever played, but it was just too much for me.

  33. I started with Demons Souls as a wee masochist so it will always hold that #1 spot in my black heart. I felt like ER tried to do too much which killed it for me, the first two playthroughs were fun but after that it just felt like a chore. The pvp, in my opinion, was absolute dogshit compared to DS3 as well which is the thing that keeps me around. It just didn’t capture me like the others did, just felt like they took too many steps backwards, probably in an attempt to make it more appealing to the masses. I think there’s only like 3 bosses I found even remotely difficult without being just outright bs.

  34. What bothered me about it so much was just not really having any clue of where to go. I found myself just constantly sitting on youtube trying to figure just simple shit out. I like not being told what to do every step of the way, but there were some quests i did in that game that I never would have figured out without youtube. In DS, I have definitely watched some youtube, but its not the same.

  35. Starting to feel this way as well. Sunday will be week 4 for me and will be the longest I have been sober since I was 17. Have completely dropped drugs and alcohol. Was into weed, drinking, other stuff from 17 on until now at 34. Was at the dentist yesterday and my blood pressure was the best its ever been. Had them check twice to be sure. Its been hard having to learn how to cope and deal with things naturally, but am feeling better in so many other facets of life.

  36. He sounds like a fucking loser and someone who is actively trying to be someones ex.

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