1. Rear end fancy feet sploot sounds like a complicated ice skating maneuver😆

  2. My mother always kept a bar of Old English Lavendar soap in her lingerie drawer. Anytime I smell that soap I think of her.

  3. I use American cheese or crunchy peanut butter (sometimes it takes both on 1 pill.) Others have recommended stinky cheese (limburger) or liverwurst or even stinky cat food or paste and this is a last resort.

  4. Local humane societies can help and lists numerous sources for grants and other assistance with veterinary bills.

  5. There’s a company called Bionic Pets that makes helmets for pups like yours! Here the link:

  6. Wylder, Sequoyah, Denali, Tallulah, Gale, Scottie, Juniper (Junie), Dinah, Pippa

  7. This is the same way that our current chi came to be with us. She, too, was 9 and is now 11/12.

  8. You could try the FurZapper, its this sticky thingy you put in with your wash. We have them at the warehouse where I work, my coworker has very sheddy dogs and she says it works! I haven't tried it but I dont really care too much about Pyr fur. I had a white husky who's fur was worse than my Pyr if you can believe that.

  9. I use Fur Zappers (3 in the washer & 3 in the dryer) and they make a huge difference. We have an Akbash/Pyr, a rough coat collie, a long-haired cat, and a Chihuahua mix who sheds almost as much as the Pyr mix. They also help with my long hair.

  10. Did you see him do it? I have an alternate theory, hear me out. He walked in on a cat digging a terrible hole in your couch, after chasing the bad kitty away, he tried to repair the couch using a coconut which is the right colour and size to fill the hole.....

  11. My cat did something similar when she couldn’t see out, your GP might have just been trying to keep an eye on the neighborhood 😂

  12. We leave the blinds up partially on the cat's viewing window ( learned this with our first cat & metal blinds); the vertical blinds are always open on the back doors for optimal Pyr viewing; and, the shutters are open on the front windows for the other sentry dog - the border collie.

  13. Looks like a good fit. My Akbash/Great Pyrenees has a thick neck and a lot of fur and her collar looks like it's too tight but it truly isn't. Her collar is simply for identification & is reflective; we use a harness for walking. Also, it looks like you have your phone number on the collar; thank you for that, it really helps if your dog gets out.

  14. Echo, Harley, Maisie, Macy, Brix. I like all the names on your list but lean towards Rhu or rhumie or Rumor.

  15. I kind of want to flip the rug back down, but the polar bear is in Boxing Day mode. (There were roller skates under the tree!)

  16. Oooo, I'd love to see your polar bear on skates😆

  17. You've got a gorgeous mixed breed pup. I would say she is Carolina Dog and Rhodesian Ridgeback and possibly some APBT and possibly Anatolian Shepherd (which could account for her weight & size.) Of course, the only way to know for certain is DNA testing.

  18. Sorry to hear about your handsome boy. Share this to

  19. I use Pulsepoint and follow Kern County and occasionally LA or Orange, CHP website, and California Road Report which includes incidents, cautions and closures, rest stops, and many highway/freeway cameras.

  20. I didn't read thru all the comments but the Gas Buddy app is great and you can check prices whenever you're going.

  21. I like to compliment my pup on his core strength every time he does this

  22. My girl is 11/12 & still does this. It amazes me how active she still is.

  23. I think you're on to something. I have an Italian Greyhuaua (Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua) whose body type is very similar.

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