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Something isn't adding up

  1. Wheel of Time or anything by Brandon Sanderson

  2. Where did you go for PG? They required an MS where I live, last time I looked anyway.

  3. This is the CPG through AIPG in Colorado. Requires 8 years, transcripts, multiple references both by other CPGs and other professionals, etc. And whatever else. Some states have an LPG and a PG and those have varying requirements.

  4. What have you done in your current job that you like? Anything you are particularly good at?

  5. Not much I guess. I left a civil engineering firm where I mainly did geotech and environmental drilling and lab testing. The company drove me out due to upper management so I changed gears and went into the Construction Management industry. The only thing I have enjoyed there is tunnel plan review, geology write-ups for proposals, and managing the group of guys I have.

  6. Nothing to lose, aggressive Day, Dawgs overrated. Bucks 35 Dawgs 27

  7. Just picked up a 1/2 of burkle budlets today at Strawberry.

  8. Can you tell me what the harvest and/or packaging dates are please?

  9. Harvest date 6/2/22 Package date 7/13/22

  10. I have us at 11-6. Dropping 1 each to the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders. Then losing at LAR, at BAL, and at Tenn.

  11. If you explore everything the first time, the game is fairly easy.

  12. No particular order, O43, ICC, Sherbhead, Lemon Slushee

  13. Strength/Intelligence. I love it. Used the meteorite staff and bloodhound fang most of the first playthrough. Then used the Onyx Lord's Greatsword, Dark Moon Greatsword and now the Royal Greatsword. Switched to Lusats Staff and gear and rocked that the rest of the way. I believe I got Int up to 60, Vigor to 60, then strength to 40. Worked really well for me.

  14. It's not the birds people, look closer at the white balls or whatever.

  15. Y’all are realizing that this person was trying to capture these light objects and not the fucking birds flying thru the video right?

  16. I used Bloodhounds Fang for half the game, then great stars with wild strikes, then to the Dark Moon Greatsword, and finally to the Royal Greatsword. They all have their pros and cons, but thrle Bloodhounds Fang is just too slick, easy to use for most of the game. I was just building a Int/Strength build then went full Int so had to change as I went.

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