1. Are you gay by any chance? Sex is the best distraction

  2. I wouldn't take this humiliation ngl. You drew the game but lost your pride.

  3. But it's my family name :( Also I have an erectile dysfunction

  4. It's so fun to see evaluation saying Fuck you. you blundered. its a draw. Blah blah . And then it slowly goes ohh.... Ohh.. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. I literally had to tell my friends that I had gotten braces when I met each of them. They didn't even know that i had got them.

  6. You used to have a beautiful smile. Sucks you had to get braces to make that gap.

  7. Why did it end. Did you not play bishop c3?

  8. I've been having bite turbos for 3 months now. I'm thriving ngl. Eating whatever I want. Except for candy like stuff

  9. Sicilian dragon ❌ Dragon Sicilian ❌ Dragon deeznuts βœ…

  10. Anand bhai you should have planned better It's costly AF in the US.

  11. Never resign folks we could have had a classic if they didn't resign.

  12. I am 169cm tall. I started with 58 kg. I am at 67 kg now. Mar 2022-Dec 2022. I eat whatever i want except for things that are as hard as candy

  13. I thought all of this on the ride home. Chris Nolan is too good a story writer to have a TRULY happy ending where everyone survives at the end. Particularly, the bit about Fox finding the autopilot info makes Bruce seem more heroic, knowing that, even with autopilot, it was his duty to save the city.

  14. Nah bro. I ain't an ortho but something's ain't right.

  15. Guys reading this comment. Honestly not worth it.

  16. An unpopular opinion, I know. But let me try to explain. What I love about Nolan's movies is that they are thought provoking. I can always count on him to approach an old subject in a new and different way that I hadn't considered before. His spin on time travel in Tenet and his interpretation of the Batman mythos are shining examples of that. My issue with Interstellar is that there wasn't anything that felt new to me. It was just nearly three hours of recycled sci-fi tropes that I've seen done a dozen times in Star Trek and Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, the acting, special effects, and music were all really good. But I found most of the plot points to be very predictable. Maybe if I were new to the sci-fi genre and it was my first time encountering those tropes, I might have been able to appreciate it more. But as it stands, I was disappointed.

  17. So happy that there's someone who thinks exactly like I do about interstellar. But putting it last doesn't do it enough justice.

  18. First month they don't move anything it's just to make you adjust with the pressure

  19. I definitely see what you mean in the photo, I just checked my teeth the now and it seems okay just the angle of the photo

  20. Out of theory on move 3, good job, lol!

  21. Lichess players (imo) are usually better then this lol but its kinda funny he did tyat

  22. Unbelievable. Plays okayish the whole game and then boom carlos magnussen at the end.

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