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  1. I see your white hearts soup pot! I just got mine today 💗 But Rhône is perfect!

  2. Where can I find the heart pattern for sale?

  3. I sure hope I always believe I’m an alcoholic! If not I’m in some deep shit. And it’s a huge gift, it’s the best thing I have going for me.

  4. I’ve been thinking about getting one! I heard they’re pretty amazing!

  5. Did you do anything to lose the weight or did it naturally just occur? I gained 15 lbs in 6-7 weeks and i have been maintaining there. I Have tried to lose it through calorie deficiet and exercise and nothing is coming off

  6. It just fell off, but I don’t drink or use any other mind altering substances so that was the key for me. If you’re eating in a slight deficit for your TDEE, even a couple hundred calories, you will lose weight. I also walked, and still walk at least 15 k steps a day. Consistency > perfection!

  7. I am sober as well! I think my problem is that I now consistenyl burn way less calories in a workout compared to when I was on adderall so that carry over like 6x a week is a big difference plus my metabolism in general is just slower now so im eating 1700 and maintaining. I used to eat 2100-2300 to maintain

  8. Yayyyy!Congrats! Honestly it took a lot of time for my body to regulate. I think I was well into my second year before I got more relaxed about counting, etc. Walking, do you walk? I swear that is everything for me.

  9. Now, why do sperm cells look like commas and apostrophes?

  10. They often interrupt periods and lead to contractions!!

  11. Good for you. Similar story here, was prescribed Vyvanse when it hit the market in 2007. Eleven straight years and I never went a day without using it, ever. I got clean in feb 2018 (I also quit drinking and smoking weed and everything else, I’ve been clean and sober since).

  12. I thought I was in a comma once but it was just a period I was going through, whew, am I grateful to be sober! Congrats on your comma

  13. On the first day of school, the first grade teacher announced, "OK, I want you to think about something that happened over the summer that was exciting. When I call your name, come up to the blackboard and draw a picture to show us".

  14. BAAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m losing it! You just MMY!!!

  15. Well, the literalist, takes things literally, while the kleptomaniac takes things, literally.

  16. Aside from growing up going to meetings (one in particular completely ruined my drinking, to this day I remember every detail of that lead), I almost made it back at 25 after having a massive breakdown but I wasn’t ready. I needed to suffer another 5 years to surrender at 30.

  17. I note the last day I smoked a cig or used any nicotine as a significant date in my life but it is in no way as significant as the most important day of my entire life, the day I surrendered- my sobriety date. With that being said though, my sobriety took on an entirely new meaning when I quit smoking because I was using nicotine for everything. It was the biggest challenge so far and made everything else seem like a piece of cake. I’ve struggled and learned more in the last 470 days nicotine free than I have in years of sobriety because I had to learn how to live and function without what had the tightest grip on me.

  18. 24/7 International Women’s Meeting ID: 928-9414-8568 PW: Billw

  19. After about a year I started to feel like myself again and the best part is that it continues to get better and better every single day. I’ll have five years in a few months and I can’t even verbalize how incredible it is to be free. Reading posts here might be discouraging because the majority of people are very early on. I went to recovery meetings so I could hear from people with years/decades and tried to emulate the ones with good sobriety. Also, I had to get 100% clean and sober from all drugs and alcohol to heal and get better. There is hope.

  20. Fellow purebred here and you know what’s so beautiful, I felt the exact same love that I felt growing up in the rooms as I did when I walked in as a broken 30 year old girl. My gratitude for being introduced early on to what would eventually save my life is beyond anything I can type out here. How wonderful to get the gift so early and here’s to strolling :) Much love.

  21. The Bubble Room is standing but it is ruined too. This is just so sad. Owners are setting up a go fund me for employees, keep an eye out.

  22. You don’t have to do this alone, it’s much easier with support. 🤍

  23. I am either actively working on my relapse or actively working on my recovery. There is absolutely no shame in joining a meeting, connecting with others in real life and seeking out others experiences. Learning from others in recovery and being able to pick up the phone and call them or meet them for coffee or at a meeting has saved my life. It is whatever I choose for myself, and I have to remember that alcoholism is progressive and that others who aren’t in recovery do not know what is best for my recovery even if my alcoholic mind tricks me into thinking so.

  24. I just live for today and I had to remove the word “anticipation” completely from my vocabulary. There were no surprises or boobie traps along the way, not at all. Even when my brother completed suicide I knew that drinking wouldn’t make anything better. So relapse isn’t a part of my story, just for today. I do know though that I never anticipated it or considered it as option. I was told “suffering is optional” and I’ll never forget those words. I take it one day at a time, work a recovery program and do service. It’s a beautiful gift. One day at a time, keep it simple and do the next right thing, those are the words I live by.

  25. I’m so sorry. Sending all the loves 💔💔💔

  26. When I first got sober I was also very reluctant. I despised the idea that AA was a ‘spiritual program.’ Hated the concept of a higher power. And this is very, very common

  27. The press is 0/10. Leave the baby alone, let him do his thing. He’s 19 fucking years old

  28. The day after my last alcoholic drink. There are no slips, sips or drinks in my day counter. My sobriety starts with honesty and I’d feel uncomfortable celebrating a milestone knowing it wasn’t actually true.

  29. Physically go to AlAnon meetings. The sub isn’t associated with AlAnon at all whatsoever. It’s mostly people who have never stepped foot in an actual meeting so there is no solution and it is not representative of the AlAnon program at all. Best of luck, sending love.

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