1. For some reason the first thing that came to mind for me was fuckin Silly bands. Those stupid little rubber bands that were shapes when not worn, all the kids at my school had them and I wanted some soo bad strictly because off that.

  2. I’m a bit of an artsy person with depression. If I don’t at least finish the sketch, line art, color, what have you, before getting up then there’s two possibilities. 1- I go get food, eat and get right back into it 2- I go get food, eat, and not want to look at it again for hours, possibly days. It’s rather hard for me to get motivation so I’d rather just suffer until I get a headache or something

  3. Believe it or not, actually setting your phone aside rather than trying to fall asleep with it. I’ve personally had rain/thunder sounds going or lately I just find those relaxation playlists on Spotify where it’s sounds of nature and just instrumentals. For some reason it helps me relax but not think, if that makes even a lick of sense

  4. I feel as if I’m going to be one of the very few that go for yes here. I have a lot of self worth issues, and there’s a lot of people around me, buying stuff for me. It just eats me up, I absolutely hate it (not in an unappreciative way), I always feel as if I don’t ever have enough to get things for people around me. The idea of being able to make more and actually take care of my S/O the way they’ve taken care of me is best case scenario for me. Being able to make more for me is ease of mind. It makes me feel like I’m not a burden. Only once, for a few months I was above her pay. 14/hr. Not too long after, she was moved to a higher position as got upwards of 16/hr.

  5. There’s been a ton of makeship plushies that I missed out on, while I love what they make I do wish there would be a special. Maybe a once a year thing where for just a day it would come back so while it is still limited, it’s not a thing of either pay 30 bucks here or potentially spent almost 300 to buy it off of some jerk like that. Maybe one day?? Idk, a bitch can dream (it’s me I’m the bitch I missed out on all of the sucker for love and Fran Bow plushies)

  6. I’ve got a few spares of other plushies that are for sale ( they also aren’t at a ridiculous price ) tell me some of the ones your interested in and I can check if I have any of them.

  7. I appreciate it but the primary reason I wasn't able to get them wasn't poor timing, I've just been out of spending money for a while now. Retail was causing me to become a danger to myself so I've started up selling art instead. Hard to really get yourself out there when you're just doin your own thing for the most part. If I do ever have the money sometime tho I'll for sure hit you up!

  8. How gorgeous!! I’ll have to keep this one in mind

  9. That’s cool and all, but is he forklift certified?

  10. So far basic personality is just loyal as shit, strong silent type, he's nothing without the mob. Seeing as Angel is estimated around 8 ft I've got Khat sitting at 8'6" but any other ideas/suggestions/criticisms are welcome :shrug:

  11. I have a couple of these myself but I’m curious, have yours ever tried to eat each other before? I’ve had mine grab another by the leg and roll around with them, one successfully pulled a leg off before.

  12. Lady here. I gave up on shaving my legs because literally no matter what, I always get bitched at for one reason or another. I got a fuck ton of scars on my calves when our house hold got infested with fleas, I actually ended up carrying them longer than our pets. Despite telling my mom over and over that it was a problem, it wasn’t taken care of for a lot longer than it should of been. So now I just have all these dark spots on my calves, I’ve tried scar creams but there’s no improvement. The other thing is that the one to bitch at me is my mom. I can’t wear dresses that I love without having to wear leggings under, I always get comments from her without fail. As if I’m not already self conscious about myself as is.

  13. It’s still a shame about the creator cause I loved tribe twelve a lot. Still do. Separate the creation from the creator.

  14. What happened with the creator?

  15. Grooming minors, confessing to zoophilia, etc. All he did in response of the accusations and following proof, was delete all his social media. He's apparently resurfaced recently with no acknowledgement of everything he had done. Best place to find follow up info is gonna be

  16. I've got the same issue with about 5 of mine, literally didn't start until today. Went through all the same stuff and lost one of my longest running worlds so far. The mods appear for just a second before they're just gone. I'd gotten notification upon trying to enter the world with them that certain mods had been disabled, but they just went poof! I really hope this gets looked into

  17. Opened my own Etsy shop after years of trying to convince myself that my art is good enough. Pretty proud of myself ngl

  18. Okay I've worked at petco for 9years now, this is ABSOLUTELY not approved housing. We dont even order bark bedding for use in any enclosures, we use hydrated cocofiber bricks, a hide is required for every arachnid as well as a hygrometer and thermometer and corner water dish. There is a side of the sales enclosures for animals that require humidity and forced warm air and another that doesn't.

  19. I’m genuinely surprised that that’s how it’s supposed to be. With every petsmart I’ve been in my area, they don’t have any of that. Honestly I don’t even see a water dish half the time. It’s always the bark, maybe a false plant somewhere. And that’s it. This poor T in an essentially empty enclosure each and every time just breaks my heart. I imagine the primary reason they don’t do literally anything for them is cause bitches are scared of “big spider”, and for display purposes. It’s a load of shit. Every living thing has a purpose and deserve proper care under captivity.

  20. My A. avicularia did that allll the time right on the front door too. It was an experience to witness before, as he just crawled out of his little den at one point, sprayed that shit (literally) and then walked back into his den. I think I laughed about it for a solid 10 minutes because I had literally just cleaned the glass when he decided to do that

  21. 100%. That’s part of the whole idea of equal rights/treatment of everyone. Mother fuckers treat a man getting raped by a women as “oh lucky/good for you” like no bitch!! That man could be married, could have a girlfriend/boyfriend, could of been a virgin and waiting for the right person. All these things. Sure it’s unlikely that the male was penetrated but that doesn’t make it any less traumatizing. It’s a type of guilt that someone would have to carry around for the rest of their life. I don’t give a shit what’s in your pants, if you are sexually violated then you deserve justice just the same as everyone else. It’s absolute bullshit the types of things that men are expected to not do when it’s literally just human nature. It’s human nature to cry! To feel, to want to be touched and cuddled, and all the shit society has ever done is taught men that feelings are irrelevant strictly because they are male. Absolute bullshit.

  22. Comparing this all to the last relationship I had, it’s rather depressing.

  23. Thank you, genuinely thank you. Who knew people online could be kind

  24. Generally speaking, despite the bugs and shit when it comes to story, I had a lot of fun in the game in its entirety. If I had to pick a single section, I’d say meeting the daycare attendant(s). The entire sequence of the change from Sun to Moon, and being hunted by Moon in the play structures was absolutely terrifying for me. I didn’t think it would be possible to rival my favorite character either (That being the puppet/marionette fnaf2).

  25. Blight was easily my favorite enemy in the entire game, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  26. Someone who’s having a breakdown and can’t think good (I’ve been there). I’m damn lucky I never broke or cracked my phone when tossing it

  27. I’d be concerned about the quality of the food, but for those that can’t afford it, something is better than nothing. That’s for sure.

  28. I’d be very hesitant for a fly. You don’t know wether the last thing that fly ate was literal shit or not.

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