This guy turned his eye into a flashlight

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  1. When I got my first five, I spent the first few days figuring out all the down tuned stuff I already knew. Stuff like Sad But True(Metallica) or Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (Prong), Lifer(Down). Basically learned to not rely on the crutch of downtuning, unless it was absolutely needed.

  2. Oh thanks I’ll definitely look into this!

  3. I just played on an M2 and I have to say I was absolutely blown away by it for the price. Great choice!

  4. Yea i love it and got it 15% off as there were tiny tiny nicks on it and hey it’s gonna get some anyways and as long as the electronics work then I’m good

  5. 7 actually there’s 5 but two of them have 2 knobs on it

  6. I gotchu with two small bands. A red sun and apocalypsis. Two small bands from east la but their both metal bands but I’d definitely recommend checking them out. Also slayer, primus, thundercat he sings and plays, motörhead just to name a few more

  7. Trujillos are both incredible. Robert made a documentary about another bassist (Jaco Pastorius) some years ago and I love it

  8. Oh how could I forget jaco and now that just reminded me of cliff too add them to my list

  9. They are both in my top 3 favourites. I recommend listening to Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light live album if you haven't yet. There's a video of them playing Raised on Robbery at the same concert and it's nuts. Some of the best bass playing I've ever heard

  10. What about cliff. Im 51 and it was a real thing.

  11. Cliff was very important but Metallica is in a very different place than they are now. They were young making more music, playing more shows, and still wanted to do more. Metallica now is older, have families, and if someone like Lars left it’s over

  12. I’ve met Robert once and seen him in person twice. I go to his sons gigs and he’s always there. I got to talk to him once and he’s amazing. Same person he is on stage he is in person. Also because I go to his sons gigs I’ve become friends with tye and the guys in ottto. The drummer in Ottto and feed the beast is the same guy and an awesome dude that I talk to on instagram frequently with. Overall Robert and his family are cool.

  13. Sir please teach me ur ways of being a bass god if u can slap anesthesia 😭

  14. The first half at least. I find acting like the string is hot to the touch helps with the keeping the thumb moving.

  15. I’ve had Robert right next to me. Went to a gig where his sons band was playing and he showed up got to talk to rob and his son tye. One of my favorite parts of this year because now I’m cool with tye and the guys he’s in the band with sorry for it being long I just want to tell people

  16. Haha I tried tuning my e string to C but I tuned high it worked but then I tried doing it by ear way to early and it snapped on me

  17. Doesn’t matter it’s either garage inc or lulu very very tiny chance of it being a rhcp case of a double album type release

  18. Hell yeah do it! It’s fun and u already know a guitar player and drummer and just jam out together nothing more fun than that!

  19. It’ll be a family metal band, as those are my kids.

  20. I’m in a boot and it says no braces or casts allowed would I be allowed on the rides?

  21. Yes you would just go to the health area near the spurs restaurant

  22. I’m learning a lot just from conversations with him and now we both listen to jazz. I had no idea how complicated his playing is for his age.

  23. Yea the way he is playing is uncommon at his age. Most younger jazz players tend to play fast and with little spaces in their solos while with him his notes last longer and he leaves spaces in there too. Tell him to keep it up!

  24. Won’t happen. Bands usually never stick with producers longer than a couple albums bob rock having a fairly long stint going 4 albums + some other little stuff

  25. I’m still working on the solo and part of interlude

  26. That solo is the hardest part for me

  27. I think I read something a couple years ago where a director lost one of his eyes and turned it into a camera

  28. I thought it was a toy for a bit too 😭😭

  29. For me idc as long as cliff is the bassist

  30. Just practice I’m a young bass player and only been playing for 2 years and can play relatively fast with my right hand (still working on moving through the fretboard fast and accurately) and it’s just practice maybe go through some rhythms but there’s No specific technique

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