AITA for being a picky eater at Friendsgiving?

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  1. Rinsing meat is bad practice because you’re just spreading bacteria everywhere

  2. Why would anyone nearly 40 years old hang out with a 20 year old? When you’re almost 40 you’ll understand why this is such a concern.

  3. my best friend (21F) has been dating a 55 year old male for a few months now and I can't stop asking myself that. like, Im 100% sure that when I'll be 30 I'll be looking at 21 year olds thinking they're babies. I can't even imagine what I'll be thinking at 55. and this grown man just has to be chasing a 21yo. something doesnt add up ...

  4. If you’re over 30 and don’t see 20 year olds as actual children, there’s something wrong with you. Those 10 years represent a lot more than 10 years of maturity.

  5. Either you’re exaggerating, or you should see a doctor.

  6. That’s not normal at all. If this isn’t an exaggeration it warrants a doctor visit.

  7. I work with a lot of cops. There are very few of them that haven’t been divorced at least one.

  8. One of the worst things a person can do is not living out their youth and letting it past them by like they are an old shut in. Live your life!

  9. This is some of the best advice I’ve seen on Reddit.

  10. Get a job as a dishwasher if you want to be a chef. Working fast food will get you no where. Many great chefs got their start in the dish pit.

  11. I don't give a fuck different places have different rules and if you don't except that you sensitive fuck go fuck your self

  12. I think creating a new post to whine about not getting the reaction you want makes you pretty sensitive

  13. You’ve been long distance dating for 5 months. You have no idea if this person has a “sound mind.” Signs point to no.

  14. Not blaming the kid for not wanting his parent's to die early from lung cancer. And he doesn't say it, but most likely they smoke indoors and around him, which is a dick move.

  15. That’s a huge assumption. Most people do not smoke indoors these days.

  16. why not take a temporary loss if there is a big roi later?

  17. Have you researched the job prospects of your potential degree? In this situation, realistic research is critical.

  18. The first half of your comment has some truth to it, but I hate when that expression is used. The second half of your comment is mostly great advice although 5 seconds of eye contact feels a bit long and might make some people uncomfortable.

  19. Probably closer to 3 seconds. I don't count seconds when doing this. If I have the feeling that they hold eye contact for a moment I feel this allows me to approach. However right now I life in a village and I already have seen most people that live here so there are not that much new women that I might meet and approach myself at the moment.

  20. That makes sense. I wasn’t trying to be overly specific, the thought of especially long eye contact just made me laugh. Like I said, overall solid advice.

  21. It might just be metal transfer. A baking soda paste should take care of it, though it might take a few washings.

  22. The breville immersion blender is outstanding too. Get the one with the food processor attachment. I love every single thing about it.

  23. I’ll have to keep that in mind. If I notice we’re using it often it might be worth the upgrade.

  24. I got the brevile solely for the scratch guard. I had the braun before but the American model doesn’t come with the guard. The breville was worth every penny, especially with the food processor. Honestly, I’ve bought several breville products in the last few years and have been blown away by each one.

  25. YTA, but only for what you said. You’re also 100% right about your friend and I may have very well said the same thing. Reddit loves to defend someone’s right to kill themselves with obesity because no one thinks about the medical resources and costs that these people produce in their downward spiral.

  26. YTA. I am sure you are coming from a place of caring but all she's hearing is criticism. I am sure she (as well as you probably were when you were over 100 pounds heavier) is fully aware she could lose some weight, but telling you "you're going to die" is not helpful. Because listen, there might be more than one reason why she's heavy. She might have metabolic disorders, etc, that make it hard to lose weight. She probably needs intervention but this is your friend. Be kind, show grace and say things like "I want you to be healthy" rather than essentially telling her no one will love her if she doesn't lose weight. Be constructive if you must criticize, but you know what, giving unsolicited advice about someone else's body is uncool and definitely TA move. You need to quit while you're ahead.

  27. We need to drop the “gaining weight from a medical condition excuse”. It’s extremely rare to have medical related weight gain over 20 pounds. So much so that it’s actually ridiculous to ever assume this is the cause of morbid obesity. Unfortunately, the more prevalent the myth becomes, the more people are happy to use it as an excuse. Which just leads to more morbidly obese people refusing to take responsibility for their own health.

  28. YTA, when dealing with a teenager there’s a basic expectation of the adult acting like an adult. Holding a grudge, being petty, and failing to communicate are not adult qualities. If you quarrel with a teenager like a teenager, you can expect results like this.

  29. Please explain investments since you xlearly dont know what your talking about.. coward

  30. If you think you’re set with bitcoin investments, I would say you’re the one that doesn’t know how investments work. Your “portfolio” is as fake as this post.

  31. The thing with people like Elon Musk is they work ALL THE TIME.

  32. The thing about people like Elon is they had massive advantages from the wealth of their parents and shouldn’t really be looked at as a model for how to achieve success

  33. But they are not really playing doctor. They are describing symptoms (and from the specificity of it I would even say that commenter has or is very close to someone with autism), to see if OP recognizes anything. That’s not diagnosing! If they had commented after OP saying “yep I knew it you def have autism” that’s different but here it’s more of a little push.

  34. They’re describing symptoms that would come up in your first google search of ASD. This is why playing Reddit doctor is bad. Same reason that diagnosing yourself off google is bad. Vague personal relation to symptoms generally associated with a condition is a terrible way to diagnose. Suggesting a screening is one thing, asking more questions to specify a diagnosis when you’re not a doctor is a completely different animal.

  35. Promotion of obesity, and promotion of accepting people (i.e. not discriminating) that are obese are two very different things.

  36. Correct. But, the second you start saying being obese is healthy, you are promoting obesity. There’s a pretty strong movement pushing exactly that.

  37. Obese people can be healthy, many are not though. Likely due to many in that demographic eating badly, not exercising skewing the stats for all obese people, do we have a picture that all obese are unhealthy.

  38. I can totally agree that an obese person could be more healthy than a non obese person. That’s probably common. However, obesity is not healthy. We’re not talking “overweight” here. Obesity is a medically defined term. Anyone who is obese would be at least somewhat healthier if they were not obese.

  39. Id say mr. Lahey from the trailer park boys.

  40. 100% agree. I saw him and Randy live on Shakespeare’s birthday. He talked about how pretending to be drunk is more fun than being drunk. Then he did Macbeth as Lahey and it was mind blowing. He was a treasure.

  41. 98% of the people fired at my last job were attendance. the rest because they OD'd at work or threatened to kill their bosses.

  42. I know that and you know that, but the data entry person has entered 0.05 per each while the customer is informed “sold by the pound” and goes “ok then 1” it’s a recipe for confusion

  43. This explains why I never get the right amount of bananas! Thank you for the tip

  44. YTA, nearly every business that serves food or drink has this policy

  45. YTA and you eat like a child. You have every right to do that, and no right to expect any kind of accommodations from anyone else. She’s a saint for even providing you a pizza. My toddler eats better than you do.

  46. Not often. I did hook up with a couple 18,19 yr olds over the past couple years.

  47. You’re acting like you’re being reasonable, but the communal opinion of this thread should give you a strong indication you’re not. Your list is clearly a euphemism for “I like to party with teenagers”. Since you’re very proud of your extremely disturbing behavior, I have some questions. Did you experience these things as a teen (parties etc)? If not, do you think you’re trying to make up for this time? If so, are you trying to relive some old glory? Where are you meeting these teenagers? Do you work in a field that tends to be mostly uneducated teenagers, or are you seeking them out somewhere? Have you encountered backlash from males of that age when you creep around their friends? How old are you?

  48. I'm happy enough to have a conversation if you're genuine and can manage not to devolve to pointless name calling and/or morality stuff.

  49. So you’re the old guy that shows up to the party and makes everyone else extremely uncomfortable? I’m sure you don’t feel that way, cause they never do. Sorry, I actually was somewhat open to a discussion, but I made the mistake of looking at your post history. I work in the exact same field and the thought of an adult in our profession chasing teenagers honestly physically disgusts me. I’ve known medics like you, and they weren’t people I had interest in engaging with on any level. If you feel the need to respond, you’re welcome to have the last word. I’m more than done with this.

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