10 year old at a gun range

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. still they've got a few hours a day where they can't be eating or training or sleepinh

  2. To do what brader? Listen to me, you do not need this, too much fun makes your heart weak. You know this.

  3. When Abdulmanap died they all made a promise to become more like Khabib. You should have seen Islam before, dude looked like Suga Sean.

  4. Theres a good head atop this mans shoulders, rooting for him now.

  5. This is how you make guns safer, not by banning them

  6. Conversely this is also how you make school shooters more deadly.

  7. To save others the trip through the long rabbit hole I fell down to track this thing’s origins: joke from inquest magazine, apparently.

  8. Yet its still not the same, so it shouldnt be judged as such.

  9. For real, no one would have cared about that shit back in the 90s, and before some idiot comments "we are not back in the 90", what I mean is that all those guys are from back then, its silly how butthurt they all got over this.

  10. That already happened, he did not believe it. He literally cannot fathom being fooled for this long, he simply so arrogant that he refuses to believe it cause that would mean hes a fool.

  11. Melting a gram of ice takes 334 joules of energy, and heating a gram of water 1C takes 4.2 joules. So they're right that melting snow takes a lot more energy than just heating up by a degree or two.

  12. That only applies if you are starting from an iced driveway, you turn this on before the snow comes, the point is not to defrost the ice but prevent it from forming.

  13. This literally sounds like a conversation from one of the radio stations on GTA....What a fucking timeline we're in.

  14. Because those are based on shows like this which are not uncommon.

  15. Bro no podes mezclar Audio con usa sola pista, te pueden poner efectos o equalizar, pero mezclar es imposible por definicion, onda necesitas minimo dos pistas. Todos los "ingenieros" que te dicen aca que te lo hacen son pibes chantas.

  16. No, those kids are chileans and the people they are figthing are venezuelans. Its a street vendor dispute as the other guy said.

  17. The Haitian revolution is super interesting, but i dont think it would be very fun as a movie, just depressing. If you read about some of the things that took place regularly during the conflict, it will make your stomach churn. It was neither clean nor straight forward and its a bit too much to fit in a single movie anyway.

  18. Or maybe he stopped popping it. Either way, Bussy was involved.

  19. Quiero poder vender y comprar organos sin tanto drama.

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