1. lol and whats the inverse of that!

  2. After MOASS I want to make a game of finding penny stocks that can be direct registered (I dunno how many can or if there are market cap requirements before you can direct register a stock) and then just buy them up and DRS them to see what happens.

  3. What would happen if you single handedly had 100% shares DRS’d in a company, do you own it?

  4. I missed it. What hand was shown? I saw a bunch of fidelity hate, but was not clear as to the why

  5. Don’t be a jerk. Them replying and having a thought out response is a lot of effort. Sounds like more than you deserve, but you still got it. So stop being a little bitch

  6. yes my meme highlights the amount of effort that goes into their well thought out response

  7. Imagine having to deal with the thousands upon thousands of repeated dumbass things they have to deal with. Hoping that person learns and gets better

  8. Pretty sure the theory has been to inverse cramer

  9. First the ancestry website, now this; anything to get our blood in a database. Nothing else is left other than that

  10. The goal is to make everyone believe they are sick with something so we can be pumped with ever more pills, needles and invasive tests - always kept in a constant state of anxious fear that we're mere moments away from death and the only solution is a heavy influx of insurance-paid medical lifelong "subscription" treatments... Quite profitable!

  11. wow, this blew my mind something fierce

  12. 40 would be a nice breath of fresh air tbh

  13. Like people that don't have a dick piss.

  14. Wow, to echo another persons reply; this is amazing advice. Thank you for taking the time

  15. It's gotten really junky and tried to sell too many types of product. I think it should have concentrated on its original plan of bed and bath. Now it's bed, bath, kitchen, house decor, gadgets, food, holiday, storage etc. The linen selection for beds is now quite limited at the store near me.

  16. Imagine if Amazon had a retail book store initially and morphed into what it is now. The endless aisles of garbage we’d wade through

  17. It’s funny how this is being shoved down the news sections of Reddit just because of wallstbets and superstonk lol.

  18. Oh that was the sarcasm font? /s

  19. 2038 is when the computer time bomb for epoch hits Not a pandemic, but definitely pandemonium vibes

  20. Why does everything NFT have to be “sellable” can’t NFT’s and blockchain just be for publicly verifiable data? Why would I want to sell my social media posts who would want to buy them? I understand selling lots of stuff but social media posts really???

  21. It’s already sold, you just don’t see any profit in the form of money and enjoy the dopamine instead

  22. Yahoo was $39.96 and roughly 15 minutes after close, It now shows $40.02!

  23. don’t forget yahoo data is what we see in our stocks app on iphones

  24. This is the last kinda posts you see before hitting -6% on the day.

  25. First thing that popped in my head was exactly this

  26. Ya can’t buy them individually yet Tons of electric vans will sell once they hit the market. Soon enough, you’ll see

  27. Is that close price right? I’m see the same, but different elsewhere. That, and Google showing delayed and off data is miiiiiighty suspect

  28. I'd be happy just to Google Sheets and chill. I don't trust myself enough to code my trades I'd probably eff up royally

  29. As long as the % of shares bought in a day to cover is higher than the Short Volume then Short Interest goes down. This can happen on any Short Volume lower than 100. Here is an example to prove it using a made up ticker and 4 investors.

  30. Wow, this was a great example It just shuffles around, but the short position got less. Buuuut, I wonder how just those actions affected the stock price.

  31. Does that mean that 59.96% of all the trades today were shorting the stonk?

  32. Hopefully nobody gets on with a static-y sweater because then boom, it’ll be “oh the humanity!”

  33. First time I’ve thought of this, non cap suns Gtf outta here!

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