1. I also am very pessimistic about America's future. The wrong side is winning and after 2024, fascism is almost inevitable. People who talk of revolution are full of themselves; it's not going to happen for a plethora of reasons.

  2. I have to agree with your worries about fascism. So many ignorant people supporting those who will destroy our democracy. The similarities between the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his ilk and those of Trump and his ilk are absolutely frightening. But, of course, the under educated and the uneducated are clueless, and so they continue to swallow the vomit of the propaganda sites and vote against the best interests of every single United States citizen.

  3. I'm optimistic, the USA is very well positioned for the 21st century. All we must do is convince people to not vote for Republicans.

  4. Our economic recovery is ahead of that of other nations! Thank you, Mr. Biden!!

  5. Some people don't realize most jobs don't provide pensions or retirement plans; these jobs are typically low wages jobs in which employees don't earn enough to save for retirement.

  6. Exactly! My late husband was a regional supervisor. There was no pension when he retired because it wasn’t given to management. I know live on his Social Security.

  7. Exactly! My late husband was a regional supervisor. There was no pension when he retired because it wasn’t given to management. I now live on his Social Security.


  9. Hypothetical being the key word. In my honest opinion you have to be a freaking lunatic to even think about voting for a murdering, treasonous piece of fetid garbage like trump, but then again, The insurrection showed that there are a lot of idiotic lunatics in this country.

  10. We can expect more lies, conspiracy theories, and scare tactics, and outright CRAZY! His fools will swallow his swill whole and never notice this ass is insane!!!

  11. Why DeSantis is dumbing down education in Florida.

  12. Is was the lunatic moron himself who said that “Covid is a hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party so that I will lose the election.” What a rabid, demented, murdering, moron this asshole trump truly is. As far as DeSantis, he’s just another fascist demented murdering asshole just like trump. The only difference is the packaging and the delivery! Both unfit to walk amongst decent human beings and certainly unfit to hold ANY type of public office.

  13. You are depriving some village somewhere of an “idiot”.

  14. We must not forget that Bolsonaro vastly depleted the rainforest, which the world depends upon to rid the environment of carbon, thus providing the clean air that sustains life! trump was a cancer that sickened everything he has ever touched. Thank you, Mr. Biden!!

  15. I agree, thank you President Biden, we can and should do more. I'm biased so my suggestion is we start by restoring Chesapeake Bay which would remove as much carbon as a rain forest of an equal size.

  16. When you mention Pelosi having enough money, it certainly sounds like you’re jealous of rich people. If you look at our representatives, many gain great wealth when they are in office. They do tours, write books, and do other things to increase their worth. However, having said that, especially in the toxic and dangerous environment created by Republicans who spread falsehoods about Dems, along with propaganda put out by FOX, NewMax, NY Post, and other propaganda sites, would you be willing to make the sacrifices they do for your country? And by the way, the moron who attacked Paul Pelosi was incited by the propaganda he heard on some of the very sites you use as “evidence.”

  17. Sort of like the Ethics Committee, toothless paper tigers.

  18. Let’s not forget Erie County New York’s Chris Collins who called his son from the Rose Garden when the demented Republicans were celebrating making rape, organ transplants, and other medical conditions pre-existing conditions in their quest to strip millions of people from having health insurance, who called his son and gave him insider advice. All of it caught on tape. Collins was convicted, but the fools of Erie county still reelected him. I believe that the lunatic moron pardoned him.

  19. Interesting that we never hear the far right talk about having morals and ethics…but, then again, it’s hard for them to describe what they do not possess.

  20. We never hear about morals and ethics from the far right because they seem to have neither.

  21. And their actions need no explanation….empty spaces are known as vacuums…or empty heads and empty hearts…they are a void.

  22. Role models, or leaders…they are not. It seems that we may have a new designation known as terrorist judges…they certainly are not having a positive impact on Society.

  23. The downfall of our democracy begin with the tea party and picked up speed under the lunatic moron. Even though he is losing strength, his and the demented thoughts and hatred of the tea party carry-on.

  24. Hatred, fascism, and control are common denominators that far right possess.

  25. Chaut…having honesty, credibilty or respect, have never gotten in the way of trump and his scams and grifting.

  26. Trump is not familiar with the meanings, Nor does this demented scumbag have the ability to be honest, credible, or respectful. He is a psychopathic lunatics scammer, liar, Murderer, and fascist pig.

  27. For sure…and trump is the head domestic terrorist, and an enemy of our Country.

  28. Unfortunately, this may just be the start of insanity in the House…the trolls and orcs will start coming out from under their rocks and their caves…thanks to Kevin.

  29. I’m sure you are correct, but let’s be honest, these nut cases have infested our house and senate since the tea party came into being. All of this whack job crap started with the tea party

  30. And we must identify them, and consistently report their actions, without remorse or compassion…they are the enemy, and must be designated as such.

  31. I can start: Jordan Greene Bobert Gaetz Johnson Paul Graham Santos Kennedy McCarthy

  32. Conway on differences between classified docs. found at Biden’s and trump’s.

  33. trump has not only achieved demon status, but has now graduated to the spawn of satan class, who does not seem to represent respectful human qualities.

  34. As a former teacher, I find this extremely frightening. This thing can write papers for students that will be used to help them earn their degrees. This opens up a plethora of risks, the worst one being that we will have a bunch of “professionals,“ who don’t know what the hell they are doing. Oh teaching professionals need to be able to discern this artificial intelligence from the real thing. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

  35. It’s obvious errors have been made by staffers for awhile. Obama, Clinton, and one other—Bush?? have already checked in with the DOJ and the National Archives, telling them they have nothing. Be honest, I’m sure that Pence and Biden didn’t think they had any either, so I do believe all former president and vice president’s office is in homes should be searched by FBI officials. Just as it is crystal clear Trump knowing took classified documents, which he stupidly proclaimed to all were his, it is also crystal clear that in the cases of pence and Biden these things were mistakenly sent home with them. It would be foolish to think that this hasn’t happened with others. Overhaul and oversight is needed!

  36. Huge problems with the way classified documents are handled by staffers. This is terrifying, especially when we saw how easily trump, who has loved every fascist, ruthless authoritarian “leader” he’s ever met, and has shown us time and time again he will do and say anything for power and money was able to steal hundreds of classified documents, claim they were his property, and then, like the insane lunatic he is, claim he declassified them. I am grateful for the integrity and honesty of Mr. Biden and Mr. Pence.

  37. I agree…and let’s hope that DOJ does not get caught up in the equivalency argument in the court of public opinion…trump is the guilty party on this issue…he knew and had illegal intent.

  38. Supply chain shortages—computer chips. It isn’t rare to see vehicles set aside like this.

  39. Gavin Newsom’s statement on assault weapons. He is spot on!

  40. Chaut…really simple here, repubs will go to any lengths to avoid enacting appropriate taxation for the wealthy and corporations…and then blame the common folk for wanting any sort of quality life. Allen has his…the hell with everyone else.

  41. Meanwhile here in the states, we meekly bend the knee to our billionaire masters, and listen to the websites that tell us "retire when you're dead."

  42. Ignorant supporters of vile repugs may “bend the knee to our billionaire masters and listen to the websites that tell us ‘ retire when you’re dead,’ but informed Dems do not. The problem is that Dems suffer due to the vileness of the repugs. and the absolute stupidity and ignorance of repug supporters.

  43. Just for the record…does mccarthy have any valid reasons to justify his actions? No! It’s ironic that a liar calls truth tellers liars.

  44. RE: McCarthy’s reasons: Stupidity, covering i up the criminality of trump and his ilk, none of whom have a brain in their demented heads, on the intelligence committee. Republicans are nothing but toxic jokes.

  45. McCarthy’s followers…the gullible and weak minded.

  46. Whether in office or part of the FICTIOUS FOX FOOLS!

  47. Homicide ratings make you think twice about going to the Caribbean -- land of cruises, beaches, sun & fun, and murder.

  48. Mass murders make me think 10 times before leaving my hone in US.

  49. Listing of gun violence by country. We are first when it comes to homicides. But let’s keep supporting the NRA.

  50. The worst thing about all of this is that it might take some of the pressure off Trump, who obviously knew he was in possession of classified documents. And you’re damn right! Dems should be concerned about this. Both parties should be concerned about this. There is definitely an overhaul that needs to be done with regard to security when staffers pack up the personal belongings of our former representatives. And that, is the bottom line and the most important Takeaway out of all of this. It’s obvious, with the exception of lying, cheating, fascist Trump, that these mishandling of documents were inadvertent. The most disgusting thing about this are those assholes who are trying to make this into a political thing, rather than realizing that the real problem is national security.

  51. Biden says he has 'no regrets' on how he's handled classified documents discovery

  52. Biden has no regrets because he did the right thing. No sane person regrets doing the right, honest, and ethical thing. I’m sure pence has no regrets either as he also did the right, honest, and ethical thing. Juxtapose that against the lunatic moron’s response to the requests and subpoena to return classified documents, which the rabid ass ignored, as the delusional fool told the world the documents were his. There is one person in this threesome who should have regrets, and he’s the only one who doesn’t. Only those wholly indoctrinated in the right wing fantasy thinking would believe otherwise, which is sad and extremely dangerous.

  53. Classified documents found at the home of Mike Pence.

  54. Hey bubbly! They just found four boxes of classified information at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home! He, like Mr. Biden, notify the archives in the FBI in an honest and ethical manner, unlike your buddy, the Fascist thief trump.

  55. Documents dating from his Senate days? Makes you wonder how many, not necessarily just former presidents, are guilty of 'stashing' classified materials?

  56. Staffers pack these things up, not the representatives themselves. Clearly, the system of protecting classified information needs to be overhauled.

  57. Thought that was the reason for any municipal transit system - I am pretty sure that the DC businesses that are suffering from lack of people to support them, don’t care how they get to their work area - it is the not showing up at all that has them suffering (as well as the taxes DC gets from them to run the city)

  58. These businesses need to convert to online sites or go under. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative. This would be much better for the environment. Remember that the environment actually improved during the height of Covid.

  59. I fail to see how businesses and services that supply the huge number of Fed employees with things could possibly make it with a website - barbershops, food trucks, eateries, dry cleaners, perhaps custodians, shoe repair and shiners, to name but a few, along with all the taxes that they produce for DC, the town. They will just dry up along with their employees - usually the locals.

  60. Obviously, there are some enterprises that could not survive online. As I said, restaurants would need people on site. Barbershops same—custodians wouldn’t be needed if building isn’t being used. Online sites pay taxes too.

  61. Republicans want to blame everything on the gob-ment but the truth is they simply cannot govern.

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