1. It has not been confirmed. There was an assassination attempt on his life in 2018 that he survived by overpowering the assailant after being woken in his bed when the first hammerblow landed on his head.

  2. Sadly the truth boils down to basically this: an ageing man at the sunset of his career as the leader of a weakening empire trying to own a powermove and show off his guns one last time.

  3. 2 hours is one example. A plane from AMS to BCN is 2 hour 20 mins. So your comment is half taking the piss to hide the flaws in your own points.

  4. technically you can today do amsterdam -> paris, change for a second train paris -> barcelona.

  5. I'd correct it and say, far more faire and decent than their despicable non-clientele

  6. They always were superficial. Sorry about that extra toxicity in your life though, nobody needs that

  7. For anyone else around the world, his wife is 1.98m, oldest daughter is 1.90m, twins are 1.72m and he is 1.77 m tall.

  8. I’m sorry, I’ll fix that, I used google to convert the units and it must’ve failed me. Thanks!

  9. it's called the spanish in france as well

  10. In Britain they used to say “a bit of how’s your father.” I have no idea where I can from and I doubt anyone uses it anymore

  11. heard it in the monty python pilot banter sketch

  12. Le boucl’art (20eme) had live samba, it was a cool ambiance. I imagine they will repeat for next matches

  13. Ils annoncent avec un peu d’anticipation… c’est la première fois que je suis y allé. Vu le succès j’imagine que ça va se répéter. Je reviens au cas où ils annoncent

  14. Pour moi, c'est juste bien. Les frites ont vraiment une bonne tête.

  15. qu'est ce que je vous envie, vous mangeurs à portions d'oiseaux, vous coûtez moins cher à maintenir en vie

  16. in the washroom of a winery in a mediterranean mountain area

  17. i'm kinda surprised you wouldn't know it as a breakfast meal, bass i've only known it as a breakfast thing for myself and most people i've known

  18. Arabs have an history bloody history with the Balkans. They just spat in our face. This post constitutes a deserving revenge from not just Lebanese but the entirety of MENA

  19. omg i'm actually jealous, you two look like quite the fit

  20. People can't form strong opposition overnight because ego, selfishness and stupidity. What is the ideological difference between the 13 mps? Other than some of them are acting stupidly

  21. U r missing the big picture. Ouwet were making sure jounieh was closed, kataeb were closing jal el dib, hariri guys were present in ring...

  22. elsewhere being ? we're running around in circles here.

  23. J'aime bien "plussoyer" mais c'est presque dans le langage courant maintenant. Mais sinon, azuropoucer c'est pour youtube, sur reddit ça serait orangoflécher ?

  24. Interesting. I didn't know there was an order.

  25. what he meant by "i gave it you" is "i gave you (to) it", you "te" being the direct object in this context

  26. Oh ok. "Je t'ai donné à lui".

  27. when the ISF refuses to jail them since there's no judges to fill lawsuits, then yeah I support violence against these scums and thieves.

  28. Scums and thieves doing the law is the problem in lebanon, you shouldn't support it

  29. scums and thieves doing the law means la loi du plus fort, i meant they decide what happens and what doesn't, not "enforcing the law as it is written" but "doing the law" as an idiom; scums and thieves are already in control and you got the rampant corruption and the actual Law with a capital L is neglected. we're not disagreeing, except that Amal thugs doing the "law" (hitting someone with pipes and extracting an apology?) is exactly that: people being above the Law and deciding when something is good or something is bad arbitrarily. it's thugs being thugs and doing thug things to other thugs, it's not anything we should wish more of.

  30. Il faut vraiment ne pas sortir de Paris pour penser que les transports publics à Paris sont de bonne qualité. Sinon, on va dire aux ouvriers qui bossent à Paris qu’ils peuvent utiliser le RER ou le métro, ça va bien les faire marrer !

  31. lol va au liban voir la qualité des transports publics, faut vraiment sortir sa tête de son trou pour remarquer la chance que vous avez d'avoir peut être pas le meilleur réseau au monde mais facilement dans le classement des top 10 ou top 20 des villes du monde...

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