1. I'm still trying to understand the science behind why most women with AGA have the widening part but for me for over a decade I have overall thinning. I have iron deficiency on and off my whole life but I don't think this can be CTE for over 12 years, plus I can tell my hairs are thinner/miniaturized (texture and color changed). I also have PCOS but I've been on an anti androgen birth control with normal-low testosterone for over a decade. I just don't understand why I can't just have a widening part. I'm only 36 still, how much worse is this even supposed to get after menopause? I just started oral minoxidil (didn't really respond well to topical) though. I just can't imagine how much thinner or non existent my hair would be without the anti androgen birth control pills the past several years. Just ranting.

  2. I have low iron too and my hair loss looks pretty similar to yours, and I'm only 24 so it's possible that could be part of it. I think some of why it looks so prominent might be due to some of us being born with a lower density of hair follicles to begin with (at least in my case, I've never had much hair even at my thickest) so then any diffuse thinning that occurs is much more visible as a result, in addition to the increased thinning along the part. Also, I think I've heard that CTE can speed up the process of AGA so maybe you do have that and it's causing your AGA to progress quicker as a result. I hope you find a treatment that works, it's so frustrating how little we understand about female hair loss.

  3. What took so king to use the foam in each night? Was it hard to switch to oral … like Could you stop the topical withiut increased hair loss?

  4. It took so long cause I would part my hair like 8 different ways to hit all the areas that needed it. I’ve stopped the topical and switched to oral with maybe a touch of increased hair fall, but that could also be due to having a couple weeks go by without my spiro. Right now I don’t see much progress after like a month but I gotta give it a lot more time before making a judgment. I’ve heard of some people using both, I still use the foam on my hairline too.

  5. So you are using oral minoxidil at what dose? You are using spiro at what dose? And you are still using some topical? Extra body hair growth from the minoxidil oral or water retention?

  6. I take 75mg spiro and 0.625mg of minox. I use topical maybe once a week when I remember to, and just on my hairline and worst patches. I haven’t noticed any side effects from the minoxidil, I think the diuretic effect of spiro cancels out some of the water retention effect of minox. I used to get dizzy from spiro but persisting with that treatment made it go away

  7. I don't know if my mom is a narcissist or not, but a lot of the stuff here sounds super familiar. She constantly does this, it gets annoying and I end up feeling a lot of unnecessary guilt. For one, she tells me how much she dislikes how my younger brother who is away at college wears his beard and hair (I live with my mom). She says things about how she really doesn't "like him very much right now" because he is entitled and doesn't prioritize the family as much as she wants. (He still harbors some resentment over her divorcing my dad a few years ago, so he has been a little cold the past few years as well as extremely annoyed by her behaviors) but still. She also mentions all the time how much his education and housing is costing her, which just ends up making ME feel guilty for no reason. He is somewhat unappreciative of what she does, but she just always talks negatively about him around me and it makes me feel bad. I tell her I don't want to hear about it but she never listens.

  8. I guess there's not much you can do except let it go into one ear and out the other. And keep reminding them that it's between them. I doubt that either one of us are qualified to be a therapist.

  9. The funny part is my mom IS a therapist. She can treat other people so well but is completely blind when it comes to herself. The cognitive dissonance is insane. But yeah, just gotta keep ourselves as disengaged from that as possible

  10. God this is uncanny to how my life feels living at home with my possibly narcissistic mother at 24...

  11. Just cut loose for one day, then go back to your old routine. You deserve a break now and then, it won’t affect your progress very much if at all.

  12. i've done this a few times, its basically like using an unfed sourdough starter. best to wake it up with some flour and water for a few days first.

  13. Does it taste any different than a sourdough starter at that point?

  14. Some of us are obviously more experienced than others. I’d barely feel 2 and still be decently functional eating 5.

  15. Wow you’re sooo cool for having a higher tolerance than some people

  16. Great honest answer. With all that said, why does any partnered enm man do this solo dating nonmonogamy stuff. Seems absolutely horrid. Swinging sounds much more egalitarian and easier for both couples to get what they want. Doesn't seem right that men have to do all the emotional labor. After reading your response and countless others. I think I'd go straight to divorce if NY lady asked this. No need to suffer alone while your wife goes out.

  17. Why not just say no to opening the relationship then? Why jump to divorce LMAO especially since it’s harder for men to find partners

  18. Honestly I feel like a lot of women just don’t believe that. They assume you’re cheating or lying not that your girl is cool with it. That’s a weird hurdle to jump over.

  19. Also because men are seriously a dime a dozen so who would want one that’s already taken? It just adds a whole new annoying factor that doesn’t contribute anything of value to the other partner they are seeking out. Most of the time it isn’t worth finding out if they’re actually ENM or just cheating.

  20. Right are they hoping someone here will volunteer or something 😂

  21. No worries. Some people are overly sensitive. You conveyed your meaning well.

  22. Not sure how much it will do, but dry shampoo plus round brush styling followed by a good hairspray could help create some cover.

  23. They make tinted dry shampoos as well, or you can use root cover spray I’ve heard. I haven’t used either so I can’t attest to whether or not they work

  24. Yes it looks like how my long hair did when it was in the earlier stages of thinning. Not only would my scalp show more, but the hair I did have didn’t cover my back as much as it did before. I’d keep using it if I were you

  25. It is like this bcs of the minoxidil, before I started using it it looked way fuller

  26. Can you post a pic of what it looked like prior to using minoxidil?

  27. Me and my partners all voted today lol I made sure!!

  28. I am starting to realize how much more I can lift if I actually eat before working out. I usually eat a small meal or snack at least an hour before. If I don’t, I’m super shaky and fail a lot of my sets. However, I’ll still go if I have the time even if I’m hungry because it’s better than nothing in my mind.

  29. That’s what he thinks too! My childhood Christmas was much different lol

  30. My grandma would get a big, living tree to put all her “pretty” ornaments on, then had a smaller fake tree to put in another room for all the fun, colorful, and kids’ ornaments. It was kind of a nice way to have both vibes!

  31. So, yes you’ll get more attention if you pretend you’re monogamous.

  32. Idk I feel like 1 in every 4 people I see on tinder are ENM in some way shape or form. That’s where I found the couple I’m dating

  33. Location dependent, I think, maybe?

  34. Just starting one today too! I am also scared. Been smoking daily for like 2.5 years now, and I just did a 2 week t-break in august/September. Tbh it wasn’t super effortful to maintain after like day 4 or 5, aside from the habitual cravings, but those are more just because my body is used to the routine at that time of day in the same spot I sit every night, more than it is an actual craving to be high. However, the break wasn’t long enough and I feel myself starting to smoke too much and not get high again so I’m taking another one, hopefully until later this month. I get a lot of anxiety the first few days, but being mindful that not having weed can cause that helps me get through (although ironically enough the reason I use it is for anxiety, lmao). I find that exercising and finding lots of things to do helps distract you. I also heard a tip on tiktok that every time you feel the urge to use, then put a piece of tape over your stash so that if you do feel the need to smoke, you will see how many times you successfully fought the urge. We got this man!!

  35. Ok so I am very new to all this so take my suggestions with a grain of salt, but here’s what I’d do. Maybe when you recap what happened, you can use this as a chance to become excited at the prospect of incorporating more of it back into your lives. I get what you mean about not wanting to spoil her mood, so I’d probably focus on what you could add to make everyone enjoy themselves, rather than what’s missing or what makes you feel inadequate. Then maybe once that conversation gets rolling and you both are feeling connected and excited about it, go a little deeper into how it made you feel a little insecure. Or if you guys every have like periodic “check ins” with each other, that could be a good time. But the way you are able to clearly identify your feelings is really admirable to me and I hope I can get to that level some day! I never know why I am feeling the way I am lol.

  36. “Ain’t needing that shit no more” he said, followed the the sound of the bong shattering against the ground outside.

  37. I think you mean a playing card. This dude will kick you out the smoke sesh for a rookie mistake like whipping out a credit card, smh.

  38. I’m still fairly new to smoking and half baked, Is it frowned upon to bring out a credit card?

  39. No, I was just joking around because the person in the post specified that you should use a playing card to scoop up the weed. Any true stoners don’t judge the way others choose to toke up

  40. I think that maybe it's just the shirt? Like something that is a bit more button down and summery would really go with it. Definitely fancy buttons. But the fit looks really good. I think you did a great job.

  41. Yeah I think everyone thought this was the outfit I planned, I just threw them on with the shirt I was wearing for the picture 😂

  42. I totally had shorts like that in the 90s! Retro, not boxery at all :3

  43. Wow what a beautiful native plant!! Thanks for the knowledge

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