1. Jesus fucking Christ - whatever you do with that article, don't read the comments!.

  2. A situation like this, a pair in each cell except that one cell has three numbers, almost always means a BUG+1. See which number is found more than twice along each line that crosses the cell with three, that's the number to remove to set the cell to. (edited)

  3. Yes, you're right, not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that.

  4. Don't worry about it. I make mistakes all the time - as long as we learn from them and correct them, its all good.

  5. These long links are problems for the spam engine - if you remove everything from '&source' to the end, it still works fine.

  6. Yep, that's fine. Basically anything like 'source' or 'utm' is just tracking data anyway. The long random strings have a propensity to be trapped in the bad language filters for no really good reason other than matching prohibited phrases.

  7. My iPhone 8+ with iOS 15 can scan it successfully.

  8. No, at this stage the 4 could go there and the 6 and 7 could go in the other two cells. I have seen this done on youtube but it's wrong.

  9. Are you referring to the givens? Those are the starting clues, which dictate the final arrangement of the grid.

  10. No I placed the 5 in the top left, then the other two 5s I circled got auto placed in those squares by the game. Pretty much, every single time I place down a number, the game places the same number somewhere else. Why is that?

  11. It's not filling them, it's highlighting them to show where they all are in the grid. If you watch carefully, those numbers are filled before you do anything.

  12. The driving limit for BAC is as low as it is because any impairment at that level is minimal.

  13. I believe the study was conducted in the UK, using a mean BrAC of 0.06%.

  14. I didn't hate any language until I joined this sub

  15. If the yellow is 100, and block 7+8 = 90... what is the blue cell?

  16. That would make the blue cell a 4? But where did you get that block 7+8 = 90?

  17. Every house in Sudoku sums to 45, and a block is a house.

  18. I'd remove all the basic stuff first, like Hidden Singles and Naked Pairs.

  19. Thank you, I just wanted to put the above image in a technical form that is easy to see. Please ignore redundancyredundancy canditates", or other technical problems.

  20. Have you tried Hodoku? It presents information in an easy to read format.

  21. Disaster Area, featuring Hotblack Desiato are scheduled to perform just before the eclipse.

  22. I feel like I'm gonna cop shit but i reckon Nic Nat's actual ruck craft is better, but Gawn can actually play around the ground for a full game

  23. There is a W-wing from 67 in r3c5 to 67 in r5c1 via 6 in r2 which removes 7 from r5c5.

  24. Starting at r5c1: If it is 6, then r2c1 = 7, r2c2 = 1, r1c1 =3, r7c1 <>3. If it is 7, then r5c9 = 3, r9c9 <> 3 and r7c8 = 3, r7c1 <>3: therefore r7c1 <> 3 and r7c1 = 4.

  25. Msls same thing more powerful and older Does both naked and hidden set versions of SK loop plus more!

  26. It's just a thematic vehicle for the creation of puzzles, not actually required in any sense to solve the puzzles.

  27. It's worthwhile spending a little time doing at least the first mod certification IMO - the course really covers the basics well.

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