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  1. Yeah, against human rights to question a one sentence reddit post. You want a cookie too? You're so morally righteous

  2. Reading the word clithole has solidified my rationale that humanity was a mistake.

  3. Get a load of this virgin, he doesn’t know what a clithole is!

  4. The vale crush thing is completely fanon, they just worked together on a mission to stop the ark and have a few dialogue moments and because vale is interested in sangeli culture people twist into her being into elites somehow?

  5. Yo my boy @benshapiro your sister is a milk truck

  6. Takemura’s accidental selfie remains the highlight of my playthrough.

  7. I don't know about origin, but it just looks like a piece of leather they're hanging out.

  8. Panam. Shes boring and annoying. Shes always whining or complaining about something. Nothing is ever her fault, or it is when it really isnt. She has no depth.

  9. She's completely messed up. 'would bang, though.

  10. Hehehe hand dryer goes wooOOOSHVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  11. With the right mods, there is a slight chance Skyrim could be a good match. Slight.

  12. She says, "Skyrim is pretty baller anyways."

  13. Internet clout is going on in his head. No one films other people eating.

  14. They do if they’re doing something dumb without noticing.

  15. Basically a joke that gets repeated a bunch. (Ie copied and pasted)

  16. Alright I could've done without that example but thanks. I'm guessing I also don't want to click any of the links in this comment section?

  17. No, this copypasta is not as bad as some of them can be!

  18. i mean cuz door kickers is star/level based and you plan movement before starting. and it is 3d but i was thinking more of an iso camera

  19. Autistic role playing game is the best description I’ve heard for this game

  20. I second this. These games fit the criteria both ways.

  21. If you want some realism, try Operation Flashpoint.

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