1. i love catholics. there’re some chill ones and then there’s my ccd teachers that yell at me every sunday about how i’m going to hell for something stupid.

  2. ugh but our biggest problem isn’t conservatives stealing our nonexistent rights, it’s trans women in wlw spaces making cod women uncomfortable because they’re just searching for validation which isn’t even a real thing

  3. i’m dying over the spelling of chaos, especially since it’s my literal username

  4. to make it better...her softball bat was visible in her bag and it had pride flag tape.

  5. thanks! you’re awesome. say hi to your gf for me, a fellow highschool softball gay

  6. I worked out heavily at the gym after leaving the office today but the tension has returned, so I do ninety abdominal crunches, a hundred and fifty push-ups, and then I run in place for twenty minutes while listening to the new Huey Lewis CD.

  7. i was gonna say a queer queer (that’s a good description of myself tho lol) but okay

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