1. Snyderverse heroes, not Snyderverse. That's essentially what they were doing before Gunn/Safran, same actors and same characters, but without actually having Snyder himself.

  2. Makes sense. If Gunn wants to replicate the MCU the best move is to start with a clean slate. Movies with connections to the previous universe will definitely hurt the brand and confuse future customers.

  3. Despite being their biggest success, Aquaman (and Wonder Woman) may, in a weird way, be responsible for where DC is now. Those 2 films represented the illusion of success for the overall DCEU, making it seem like the universe was still viable and thriving. It should have died after the poor reception of BvS and JL, but the overwhelming success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman sandwiched between those films dissuaded them from wiping the slate years ago, because at the time, how could you dump Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa? Every DCEU film since has been a modest success at best or an outright bomb at worst, and now they're neither here nor there.

  4. Using the same logic Deadline applied here, it would suggest yes, or a loss that's on the very modest side at worst. The numbers are basically identical, Eternals is $5M more expensive, but brought in $5M more in theatrical revenue.

  5. What does certain Indiewire critic thinks about it tho?

  6. Avatar The Way of Water: lol imagine being dumb enough to bet against James Cameron. Or teen alien Sigourney Weaver. Or giant whales subtitled in papyrus. Light years better than the first & easily one of the best theatrical experiences in ages. Streaming found dead in a ditch.

  7. because this movie is only gonna pull a 2.5x multi despite 5 straight weeks of 0 competition and that posttrak indicated much better

  8. That doesn't necessarily mean the actual data PostTrak sampled was wrong, especially when the 2 other metrics show the same thing. It's not hard and fast rule that good word of mouth must equal really good legs, that's just what you generally see. There are lots of other factors that could affect legs (how big the opening was, how fan driven the opening weekend was, rewatchablity, length of the film, level of interest or lack thereof from casual/non-fans etc.). So unless you're arguing that all 3 major reputable metrics got it wrong and audiences actually didn't like the film all that much, there's no reason to doubt the data.

  9. This comment seems to be wilfully obtuse tbh - OP is commenting on opening weekend crowds becoming less representative of the general audience and you're focusing on methodology.

  10. -37.1% from last weekend. In comparison, Thor: Love and Thunder grossed $20.8M on its 4th weekend (-34.6%), while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness grossed $22.9M (-42.8%).

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