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Innocent laughter

  1. we could learn from the Haitians they know how to protest their government effectively

  2. omg pay the 3 cents to play the second

  3. I keep a big bucket of Nair out in the woods and I dunk my junk on the new moon

  4. I know bicycles have to deal with the same issue. We're not as fast as cars, more vulnerable as well. But cycling on the sidewalk is dangerous as we can still do up to 35kmh. I think some kind of lane is a great idea.

  5. It’s the worst of both worlds: they’re doing pandering shitty open-mouth thumbnails, but also trying to have sarcastic faces to say “we know what we’re doing isn’t it silly and stupid?” Which just makes it feel like they think we’re both stupid enough to fall for it and in on the joke.

  6. I fucked Tom Myers in the men's room at a Flying J gas station

  7. I don't like your jerkoff name. I don't like your jerkoff behavior. And I don't like you, jerkoff.

  8. I had a cat named Tigger that had a litter in our basement and the kittens got their heads stuck in the net all the time

  9. pierre has a small dick and deserves a shawinigan handshake for his troubles

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