1. no, you may not use my clip in your cringe clickbait compilation video.

  2. Downscale icon? I invade lvl 20 and often kill people who drop around 300k runes, but I have never seen an indication in game to other players that they were PW summoned and downscaled, I can only tell if they look like max lvl goons and when killing them and they drop way more runes than I should be getting for killing people at that lvl. Where is this downscale icon shown and what does it look like?

  3. No, that was a recovery roll. You flattened him, and recovery rolls have no fat variant. Watch the footage again

  4. oh wow TIL recovery rolls are a thing, even when overloaded

  5. well ur not gonna be invading anyone that is RL 150.

  6. used to do this sometimes in ds3 arena. it was funnier back then cuz of dragon form

  7. I looked at him through the telescope; I don't think I saw a shield? But me and another invader tried every method possible to hit him; nothing.

  8. you can press b to roll through his attacks and press r1 to hit him when he's recovering from an attack

  9. if you want to 1-shot everything and effectively patch out all of the difficulty from the game, yes, go moonveil

  10. there are poke r2 :) no pancake r2 tho :( just a space program slash for the followup r2

  11. No pokes thats a massive shame but at least we have a pancake

  12. it has: 1h r2 poke, 2h r2 poke, crouch poke and roll poke

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