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  1. Kratos fits so well in the mortal kombat games. If you didn't know kratos nor the gow franchise, you would just think he is just another character from the MK

  2. He must be scared as shit seeing so many elves running around with huge swords in flames and super expensive armors

  3. God I hate the fact I am british.... well born in Britain but I have irish parents so I completely understand the distain for the british empire.

  4. Raphael knows how to cook, you can even let him do everything and you will get a nice meal

  5. Open portal, save jinora, then close portal

  6. Probably samurai or ninja storm, since they actually practiced with a sword before being rangers

  7. Can easily do this on a calculator, unlike math from college

  8. Los argentinos y mexicanos son enemigos naturales, como argentinos e ingleses, o argentinos y uruguayos, o argentinos y chilenos, o argentinos y brasileros, o argentinos y otros argentinos . Malditos argentinos, arruinaron argentina

  9. Um excuse me the phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice.

  10. I think he was referencing the "heart switch" video

  11. It may be his new design, but his skin looks less ashen compared to gow 1/2/3

  12. Fate se durmió en adaptar a esta figura histórica en su universo

  13. On my second p5 playthrough, I did harem route, no consequences

  14. That is my cannon explanation for her being so dumb

  15. Is it a Kessoku band shirt on the drummer?

  16. That seems to be 80/20 vision. I can't see anything

  17. Difficulty won't be a problem. You can choose what difficulty you play, and if you find it too difficult, you can lower it at any point

  18. I am in favor of making every transmog ingame available for everyone. Even if the things I own are no longer exclusive.

  19. Narrator: Evidently, Haru did not want to go home

  20. I can imagine how the story would have gone is morgana never met haru

  21. Yeah they pretty much gloss over the initial weapons for everybody after that "Welcome to the Phantom thieves, here is your complementary katana and M-16"

  22. Either that, or everyone was actually carrying a gun

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