1. Yo, where in the story chapters was the 150k-force cursed god encounter? I wanna go back and obliterate it, but hell if I remember where it was

  2. Save your gems, especially if you're planning to pull on Automata. Crow is good but his banner sucks. And the abyssal characters are not very good, though their weapons are quite nice.

  3. I see, thanks. Shame about Abyssal Akeha too, she looks fucking sweet. Hopefully they do an abyssal character compilation banner at some point.

  4. lmao what’s with the greenwashing on the concept image. surely a shit ton of solar panels would be better suited on the roof than a lawn

  5. not an expert, but a shit ton of solar panels would be relatively expensive (not compared to the overall cost of the fab, of course) & still couldn't even dream of powering the facility. a green roof can be relatively cheap & helps reduce AC costs. I'm unaware of the specifics, but it could be a reasonable choice.

  6. I'd be happy to take Final Fantasy Tactics off your hands

  7. I'm not saying he was wrong to do so, I'm saying it's hard to forgive him.

  8. tbh I put most of the blame on Alexander, for severing Lucy's connection to John just before his death (with his death, really). Without that, I think John would've said yes to Lucy

  9. I mean Vietnam was also suffering under Pol Pot but for sure the Americans committed some incredibly terrible atrocities.

  10. Pol Pot ruled Cambodia, not Vietnam.

  11. The US certainly views itself as central to the system as it's the guarantor of safe and neutral trade, but it's not really imperial hegemony in the traditional sense at all. We don't have client kingdoms that bow to our wishes, we don't control places like Japan or Germany, we have allies who often vehemently disagree with our decisions and go their own way. There are no reprisals for that, they are totally autonomous, we just guarantee that trade on the world's oceans is safe no matter who is doing the trading. The only countries that really violate it are countries like China and Russia who want to impose their will on others. Those are your imperial powers, those are the countries trying to set up spheres of influence. The US just wants people to stop shooting each other and just sell things to each other instead. If that's hegemonic imperialism, then I don't see a problem with it. The rules of the American economic game are for the most part just and fair, certainly far more so than the alternatives, which is why countries like Russia and China have tried to benefit off it as much as they can without actually joining in.

  12. considering how much power modern multinational corporations hold vs less-developed countries, how that leads to the centralization of power and corruption in those countries, and how exploitive US trade policies can get (try reading up on US rice and Haiti).... well, let's just say i think this description of trade policy is too idealistic

  13. I think we could work that out yes, what were you thinking?

  14. A $3 discount, maybe? Or I could PM you my zip & let you get an exact #

  15. $75 shipped f&f works for me if you are good to go

  16. Yeah, but ultimately every bit of energy coming out of these contraptions are that much less energy in the ocean. This doesn't produce brand new energy like Tesla solar panels

  17. like... tesla solar panels? is tesla special? does every other solar panel manufacturer just produce thrift store energy or something? maybe gently used energy, if we're being generous.

  18. I'm not really getting what about Father Grobar makes him able to permakill a Dog Tag?

  19. Sounds like he's from a type of game called a roguelike, where deaths are permanent and if you do die, you have to restart from the beginning of the game with a new character/crew/whatever

  20. reposting since automod deleted my last comment (it seems I needed to verify my email)

  21. First thing to check is soil too wet or dusty dry? If too wet I assume it is indoors if so put in windows seal so it gets some sun not full. If dusty dry water it slow because the dirt may be hydrophobic and want absorb water quickly, to ovoid that you can put water in saucer and water should wick up.

  22. i was scared of overwatering it because people constantly say to not overwater things, and it was outside while it rained (but mostly under an overhang) so i wasn't quite sure how much water to give it. in the end, i watered it and within a couple hours it looked a lot better. ended up repotting it in a larger container the next day too. we'll see how it does, but i'm hopeful.

  23. I bet it is severely root bound. Try pulling it out of the pot to check the roots. Most likely there will be a thick mass of roots at the bottom. If so, gentle break it apart and pot it up into a bigger container.

  24. did this yesterday. there didnt seem to be a giant mass of roots, but there also didnt seem to be giant roots at all, and it was some trouble untangling things... i'vve never done this before, but i'm gonna go ahead and say it was root bound. ended up repotting it in a pot the next size up. i've never done this before, but the plant seems ok? here's hoping.

  25. ngl i'm kinda hoping nicolette looks in that dollhouse a third time

  26. WimbleBoost has an amazing ability to fill his stories with hints at other amazing stories. Miss exploring and eventually escaping the Stuck-In Place would be a novel I'd love to read, and I'm sad to know I'll (probably) never get to read it.

  27. i was reading a book called Piranesi (by Susanna Clarke) a couple months ago. it's set in a place that's really reminescent of the paths. it ends up going in a different direction (there's no escape room or roguelike shenanigans, for instance), but i think it's worth checking out if you want more of that surreal, otherworldly atmosphere.

  28. hey, this is a huge leap in tech! however, does anyone know what the environmental implications are? pretty curious if we can have best of both worlds!

  29. first, i doubt anyone really knows how toxic the new material is, or how harmful it is to manufacture, at this point. we all have a vague hunch that any substance with that kind of name is probably not something to ingest, but specifically? couldn't tell you. but even if the new material is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, as easy to source as wood (it... probably won't be), there's a point i can make about demand. because even if the stuff is eco-friendly, oversourcing and mass production can still ruin ecosystems or use large amounts of energy.

  30. A bit late here, but remember a chapter ago when Sootsleeves' minions were laying out clothes for Avery? Those clothes included a green turtleneck sweater and some gold accessories, and there was

  31. other comments are focusing on how many advantages the trio have been given compared to other practitioners. I basically agree, although I haven't read pact.

  32. You might be onto something. Trio got into Practice because they wanted to - which is more than what many Practitioners in established families might be able to say. They were able to choose their paths and roles. There might be a major difference in mindset here.

  33. oh, absolutely. i'm reminded of the dollmaking scene just after they arrived at BHI, where they power the doll effortlessly while their partner... nearly passes out? i can't remember exactly. the kennet others and spirits are granting the trio much more raw power than the typical practitioner gets. i think it's part of the thematic aspects i was talking about -- if you cooperate with the others and/or supernatural world instead of try to dominate it, it cooperates back, in contrast to the stagnant, dominant nature of practitioner society at large.

  34. to clarify: I ain't trying to say that just because someone isn't a good fighter or whatever, that they're automatically part of the problem. Far from it. But the lack of flexibility and dynamism as a whole, and especially among the people who do use combat- or conflict-focused practices, does indict the system as a whole imo

  35. Would it be trouble to get pics of bionic commando CIB and the shadow of the colossus demo disc?

  36. No troubles at all thanks for the inquiry I have photos here:

  37. If it wasn't for the fact ASRock's marketing team blows for blacklisting reviewers, their tech and support team are awesome, considering they do a lot of budget boards.

  38. hot damn. using a customer support form is normally just shouting into a void. i wasn't ready for that.

  39. I can't help but think the trio might've just set Nicolette up to get screwed.

  40. I understand that skyrocketing power requirements aren't great.

  41. like, mate, we all would like to have significantly better chips sooner rather than later. i'm no exception. but settling for improvements happening on a slower timeline (or putting off the upgrade to 4k, or... etc etc) wouldn't exactly be the end of the world

  42. Hey man, you should delete this. Normally we PM our email addresses. ;)

  43. uhhh i thought i was in PMs, lmao. well, i paid up.

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