1. Love this. Also loling because a 93 is an a in my program

  2. Yes. I wouldn’t have made it through this far otherwise with a toddler and a pre teen. I’ve tried to work full time but it’s literally impossible sometimes. I have lecture/ lab/ clinical everyday of the week this semester.

  3. Redditors gonna flame you for this one and talk about how silly it is to spend that much. But this is solely an individual thing. My daughter is 2.5 and is 4T size. We spent about $200 2 weeks ago** getting ready for fall/winter. We like name brand stuff and we can afford it, so why not 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Agreed with this. I’ve spent tons on my daughter every season I pretty much change out her wardrobe, or when she changes size. But, we can afford it and I find happiness in dressing my daughter in super cute outfits and all different shoes and accessories, etc. I like name brands for myself, so that’s what I like to dress my daughter in. Everything is expensive especially when you factor in coats, hats, gloves, etc. I spent like $170 (ish) on just her coat, hat, and gloves. I think it’s all about your budget and what you prefer to do. When she outgrows the clothes, I donate them.

  5. My daughter is 26 months. But she’s been doing this since I dont even know, probably 1 when we dropped bottles. Dinner is around 5. Bath at 6. After bath she’s allowed to run around and finish her cup of milk. 7 pm she brushes teeth then lays down and we read 2-3 stories. Sound machine on and always asleep by 7:30.

  6. This is how it was for me. Emergency c section. I was up walking like two hours later, discharged less than 24 hours post surgery. Was up walking fine when we got home. I took my daughter on long walks everyday until 6 weeks when I could start running. I was told I could take Tylenol and ibuprofen but I don’t think I ever took either.

  7. My daughters 2 years and 4 months. She’s gone to bed between 7-7:30 since as long as I can remember.

  8. $0 my entire pregnancy. Emergency C section, so it was pretty costly. In the US. Military insurance.

  9. Lots of practice and having classmates watch you! I always Ace my skill test outs because I spend a ridiculous amount of time practicing, and my friends and I practice full out in front of each other like we are getting graded! It really helps!

  10. Currently on a 1:1 dreading someone taking forever to relieve me shortly here 🙄

  11. My daughter likes the Hunter boots!

  12. I have none, lol. I work full time, in my third semester. I have a 2 year old and my boyfriend works a lot so when I’m not at school/ working she’s with me 90% of the time. When I’m not studying/ working/ at school or taking care of her then my non existent hardly ever get free time is spent cleaning, trying to catch up with never ending laundry or a quick workout.

  13. In my school our 2nd semester was med surg 1/ psych, we started with like 50, and had about 12 ar the end. I’m in med surg 2 currently and 95% of my class is people retaking it from last semester so definitely med surg at my school lol

  14. I go to a community college in Ohio. It’s about $1500/ per semester. Our program is actually 5 semesters. So about $7500 total.

  15. My daughter wasn’t talking or pointing at the same age. I was so worried I would drive myself crazy. Just like yours, her motor skills were ridiculously advanced. She got better, but still wasn’t really talking or pointing at 18 months. Around 23 months she started to point and talk a bit. She’s now 26 months and can put together sentences, talks non stop, can count to ten, knows a few colors, etc.

  16. And she has no other significant issues? With social behaviour for example?

  17. Oh no! She’s great socially. She was home with me for about a year so at first she was anxious around others but now she’s a social butterfly. She does swim/ gymnastics and goes to daycare.

  18. I got my LPN license halfway through my ADN program. It’s an option built into the program that just requires you to take an extra 7 week summer course w/clinical in between years 1 and 2 of the ADN program. So basically you give up your summer break but the trade off is that you can spend your last year of nursing school as a working nurse. I spent my first year being an home health aide making $13/hour, so it was a no brainer for me. I sat for my LPN boards in July 2020 and made BANK as an LPN while finishing my degree. I did nursing visits for the home health company I had been working as an aide for, plus I picked up 2-3 other PRN jobs and a few short-term high paying COVID testing contracts through my state health department (something I would do again in a heartbeat if they were still a thing - easiest money I ever made). I worked in a SNF and honestly enjoyed it (I still do it PRN), corrections, and in the ICU at one of my local hospitals. I made a great living as an LPN. In fact, I took a pay cut when I accepted a new grad hospital position after becoming an RN. Yes, being an RN means having a lot of career growth potential, but LPN has more to offer than you may think. I’ve worked with DONs, case managers, administrators, nurse managers, etc who are LPNs. One of my good friends who was in my RN school cohort but failed out in 2nd term went back and got her LPN license, and she is a travel school nurse while also working PRN in the ED where she was a tech. I guess my point is that LPN gets a bad rap as a career option but it’s actually a great license to have. I’m thankful for my RN license, yes. But some days I miss being “just” the LPN. True story.

  19. So happy to read this! My program also does this, and I’ll be able to sit for the NCLEX-PN at the end of this year and I’ve planned to take it all along but a lot of people have said not to and I never understood why. Glad to here your perspective!

  20. I love cute baby clothes and dressing my daughter up so I personally never would put her in just a onesie, but plenty of people do and that’s totally fine!! I loved rompers in the summer time when she was younger!

  21. Before I went to nursing school I was a corrections officer in a level 3-5 men’s prison. I’m not sure how your facility is but if someone did that to a nurse I would lay into them and make sure they got some kind of restriction/ punishment of some sort. Sometimes they cared, sometimes they didn’t but I always tried. Personally, myself I would always try to crack an embarrassing comment back.

  22. We need more like you then! Some care, many don’t care much mostly because I’m new and they don’t know/trust me yet.

  23. My favorite was “well thank god I forgot my microscope today”

  24. Med Surg/ Oncology floor, usually if we’re staffed I have like 12 patients, otherwise 18 patients and sometimes I’ve had the whole floor so 36. 🙃 the nurses are super helpful on my floor. Usually atleast 6 or more total care patients

  25. I really hope (and I'd clarify with the bride and groom) that they know what they've bitten off here and that they are actually hoping for some silly/funny toddler weirdness and not expecting well behaved kids to walk down the aisle in perfectly clean clothes. If they are expected clean and we'll behaved, I'd try really hard to manage their expectations with stories from your daughters everyday life.

  26. That’s a great idea! I forgot to mention that there is a rehearsal the day before, so hopefully that will help.

  27. That will help, but also try to get into the room before the ceremony on the day of because the room will likely look different - flowers, decor, an aisle rug or whatever... She may be more confused if she saw a plain room the day before and then opens the door to a room full of people and flowers!

  28. That’s a great idea!!! Thank you!

  29. It’s extremely difficult. I’m a mom of a 2 year old and I work as a student nurse extern at a hospital. I’ve managed to make it to my 3rd semester with a 4.0 but I’m an over achiever and I literally study non stop. But honestly, grades don’t matter. Some of my best classmates just scrape by and that’s okay!!!

  30. Kids that age will literally say googoohabxjshsbdb and parents will be like omg they counted to ten and said all the colors!!!

  31. 20k from the first time I went to college and dropped out, $0 from my ADN in exchange for my 6 years in the military.. my rn to bsn will be paid for by my employer for 18 months of work

  32. Oncology, L&D, Periop or wound care

  33. I’m a student nurse extern (basically a pct with a few more responsibilities) on a med surg/ oncology floor!! I do blood sugars, eKgs, changing and bathing patients, ambulating patients, dc foleys and IVs, as well as inserting foleys and IV’s (I think this is just because I’m an extern as the PCT on the floor don’t do this), and love it! I had no prior healthcare experience before nursing school and it makes me feel so much more comfortable interacting with patients! My biggest advice is to not panic and just do what you can. Don’t let anyone walk all over you, and ask questions/ for help if you need it!! If I have any free time which is rare I am always asking to watch the nurses do whatever they are doing just to learn

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