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  1. You can. There's an object tree where you can see all the objects on the chart and alter them independently.

  2. Well great 3 years of not knowing this was a thing. Thanks

  3. Does the balance shaft delete create a big noticeable increase in nvh?

  4. Yes but feels like a race car and pulls 20 lbs out of your motor. Get the baffle too if you go the balance shaft delete.

  5. I'd like to use a diff mesh in my grille. Like a stainless wiggle mesh like you'd see on a Bentley R. And open up the lower areas as well while using the RS brake air diverters. Have you thought about using a different screening? That looks very nice by the way

  6. I’ve actually never though about that but that a good idea. That would look good as hell. I don’t know how I would do it or if they make anything for that but I would be a buyer. And thank you

  7. gen2 2867 84ar. i didn’t want more than stock fueling. car makes 365whp @ 6200 and 365 wtq @ 2900. much more low end and midrange than big turbo on 2.0. thing freight trains. it is bsd

  8. That’s a decent amount of power. Would you have rather gone with a smaller a/r or did you go big because you track and stay in high rpm’s? I wanted to run the g30 660 with a .63ar I think?

  9. Synposer maybe? Do you have misfires? If you have misfires it could be the purge valve. And I saw a comment about lbs falling off but that happens when you build boost with these cars they top out pretty quick.

  10. I would also post this on there’s a shit ton of guys in there who really know what they’re talking about and could probably help you a little better than a bunch of tards on Reddit. Including myself

  11. I blew my motor so I already have to Lol

  12. I was just wondering how reliable it is because I know there is other options for smaller bores.

  13. Y’all some snowflakes dude I swear

  14. Just sounds like a bad transmission... Hopefully i'm wrong.

  15. Stole the Lego characters out of the books at Costco.

  16. I think it’s a saltwater toadfish

  17. The mouth was on the top of its head not on the bottom.

  18. Stop posting this idea. Like, it’s a good idea but it’s been posted a million times.

  19. I think the reason for these places being changed are because they are old, and POI have gotten a lot better since season two.

  20. There the only places going away tho...

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