1. When they're talking about it being expendable, is that just the starship itself, or the booster as well falcon 9 style?

  2. knight prime literally flew off the planet at the end of AOE, he's got the win easily.

  3. i feel like this could spell a new age for skybaby mods

  4. probably even better for fallout 4, people will be able to have dialouge for the pc

  5. Where's it said they don't make it or don't call themselves the brotherhood by 2277?

  6. fallout 3 is pretty clear that Lyons expedition is the first known successful one to the east coast

  7. No, Fallout 3 says that one of the goals of the Lyons expedition was to try and make contact with the "Eastern Brotherhood," so clearly there was others before them.

  8. Where does it say that? I have never heard that before.

  9. Dead Money is the best Fallout dlc of all time. It's exactly what I imagined what all Fallout games were supposed to be. I love Bew Vegas, but honestly, it's the easiest Fallout game in the whole series. Not just in difficulty, but in making money. I can make 2000 caps faster in New Vegas than I can in any other Fallout game.

  10. nah man new Vegas money farming has nothing on the Bostonian purified water salesman

  11. cause they don't know who these people are or what this relates to

  12. Wasn't that straight-up the case in GenU or 4U?

  13. Any information about this on UESP claims that its sources are books by Greg Keyes, who wrote them after TES IV Oblivion. I'm not sure why the wiki even cites them, probably the author and Bethesda made a deal so its considered canon. Anyways, it seems they are out of game sources and if those books/book are considered canon, and if they portray the events in question, then we can be 100% sure that it happened. Otherwise, it could be false. Anyway I'm not sure where can I fine more info on this outside of this Greg guy book. UESP makes it seem like its a fact that all of that happened and I very rarely see someone question it.

  14. the books are canon, the question is whether or not the argonian character in the book is bullshitting or not.

  15. im pretty sure Kingdom Cyclonus' thighs, hands, etc are meant to be that weird yellowish-grey. i have not seen a single image of Cyclonus without that colour. my copy has not had its colour changed at all, and it has had direct contact with sunlight several times

  16. they definitely weren't that color when I first got mine

  17. yellowing only tends to occur to white figures, cyclonus is purple, so unless you have him displayed outside in direct sunlight he’ll be perfectly fine

  18. it's happened to mine on both purple and gray parts without direct sunlight. it's specifically the tougher plastic used for the joints on the wings and his hips

  19. does he have all the alt modes?? at that price I'd be very happily surprised

  20. Yes! Plus he comes with 2 swords and 2 guns( as expected).

  21. He clearly meant DS1, Anor Londo in 3 has no shortcuts to open, DS1 would make it so you can skip the notorious archer duo.

  22. anor londo definitely still has shortcuts in 3, once you get the the bonfire up top.

  23. So you think the Silent Assassin outsmarts the World’s Greatest Detective? Gotta go with Batman on this one.

  24. I don't think Batman would ever even know 47 was there. Its hard to outsmart someone when you don't even know they exist.

  25. You can buy living string from the insight vendor, I don't know if there is a specific item you need to get first, but near the end of the game I saw it pop up in there.

  26. you need the initial one from the brain to unlock the rest

  27. I was just about to say this. Words mean things and oppression usually has a system behind it.

  28. believe it or not there are more types of racism than just systematic racism. that's sort of why the term systematic racism needs to exist.

  29. it's not a prank once antisemites or racists start using it unironically to signal their bigotry. you have to be so dumb to miss that

  30. they didn't start using it until the ADL listed it as a hate symbol

  31. nukes aren't even real anymore. why would any government invest money into a weapons program they can never actually use and only need the implied threat of?

  32. Call it the Intercontinental version of "Fuck Around And Find Out". It's why North Korea is still a thing, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the current state of Ukraine as they gave back the Russian nukes they were hosting for a pittance and empty promises from the US.

  33. Protests rarely work; they’re great photo ops and feel good situations but don’t inspire action.

  34. people gotta eat. i could probably count on one hand the amount of people i know that could afford to stop working for a month and food on the table, much less the roof over their head.

  35. Am I the only one who found the plan (while shocking) actually interesting? Like his reasoning makes sense, I've always loved characters insane enough to use themselves as some sort of weird experiments to further their own goals, it REALLY sells his desperation...

  36. This was for older Chrysler products. Circa 2000 or so.

  37. I got a 98 ram with a light on, I'll report back

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