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  1. This is probably the coolest OC I've watched since 2007.

  2. Although really well done, this is not exactly original.

  3. This whole idea is done much better by SwedeMason, the creators of the new one haven't even credited him and the other video as inspiration.

  4. Trying to imitate this real image.

  5. https://labs.openai.com/s/2NJIrULPlOFZ4FBXkqlEaimd

  6. OP added workflow here:

  7. "Most people are happy just to get out of jail, I expect to be paid to leave."

  8. Can Dall-E do self portraits? Like uploading photos of myself ect??

  9. Using your own images are allowed for inpainting.

  10. If I were to use Dall-e 2 as an illustrator for my writing, can I teach it to make the same characters as in another render in a new setting?

  11. It's difficult to get consistent results due to how dalle is created. This may be possible through inpainting but it's a slower, manual and more costly process.

  12. Are there computer iOS requirements to run this program? I’m looking to run on a MacBook from 2017 is it too old?

  13. Dalle2 works on the cloud, the only requirement to run is a modern browser.

  14. Something looks slightly off, is it with lighting and shadows?

  15. It's over Ainikan, Ai nu uu email...

  16. It seems your comment is downvoted due to being an /e/ link. /e/ links are only visible for you. If you share the image and generate an /s/ link it will be visible to public.

  17. The post is allowed as the common behaviour of major subreddits is banning AI images completely, including DALL·E 2 images.

  18. https://valle-demo.github.io/

  19. Dalle reflecting its inner Bob Mortimer

  20. Image seems to be a composite or outpainting.

  21. The community has requested source verification for this image.

  22. The community has requested source verification for this image.

  23. This is an /e/ link and not visible to outsiders. If you share the image from OpenAI interface it will give you an /s/ link which will be accessible for all.

  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/dalle2/comments/ug9e56/dalle_2_blending_game_results_check_sticky_for/

  25. We need a regular banana for scale.

  26. This is amazing, thanks for posting.

  27. Update: Wait list has been phased out.

  28. This is a recent change, please have patience while we update our

  29. Thanks for the update post.

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