1. a doctor-type character would definitely be a cool addition to NRC! I'm wracking my brain for doctor villains in Disney movies but completely blanking rn though lmao

  2. It doesn't necessarily need to be a doctor, it's not like Cruella was associated with potions before Crewel was designed.

  3. A lot of people believe that All Might and Endeavor were classmates, even though nothing in the story ever really hinted at that. We eventually find out All Might is in his mid-50s and Endeavor's only 46, so there's no way they could have ever gone to school together.

  4. I thought it was a dating sim when I heard about it, and then learned it's not.

  5. As a simp I want to say Leona but as a joke, Lilia would be goddamn hilarious

  6. The ages actually do match up at the age of 5 a mysterious man dropped Shigaraki off to parents house later he actives Quirk.

  7. Maybe the midoriya family doctor who we know works for all for one took the quirk and they knew it was a special quirk because of one of afo’s many quirks perhaps one of them can sense the strength or even be able to identify someone else’s quirk. There’s also a popular and imo very possible theory that dekus dad is afo which would explain this even further since dekus dad would be in even more close contact and be able to be with the baby in privacy it would be easy to take his quirk then. Also a lot of mothers pass out or sleep of giving birth so that would’ve given either the doctor or both him and dekus dad a prime opportunity to take the quirk to late give on to shigaraki

  8. If AfO already had the power to sniff out and identify strong quirks, he wouldn't have needed to steal Search from Ragdoll.

  9. How well known do you think that concept is to an author who was raised and educated in Japan and writes primarily for a Japanese audience?

  10. It's not just him, it has to make its way through all his editors and assistants too, they could've suggested it.

  11. ...Who were also raised and educated in Japan. Again, how recognizable do you think the phrase "manifest destiny" is to a Japanese audience?

  12. Tbh, I'm not entirely sure how Season 7 will be handled. And that's mostly because of how many breaks Horikoshi has been taking lately.

  13. I expect them to put a larger gap between seasons than usual to help account for the manga. We'll probably get another crop of OVAs or maybe another movie announcement in the meantime to tide us over, but pushing the start date back 3-6 months would go a long way to working with the manga's schedule.

  14. Oh no, you have it wrong. Endeavor being forced to spend 24 hours with my thirsty simp ass is only a punishment for him.

  15. Of course he's going. He totally doesn't care that whatshisface got kidnapped, but he can't trust these damn nerds to mount a rescue mission on their own. It's a pain in the ass, but he just has to go along and babysit.

  16. Why do you care? Does it affect your pay somehow? I cashiered before and how people paid made no difference to me.

  17. I rarely use cash myself. But when I cashiered I figured I was getting paid no matter how the customer paid their bill. If you’re getting bothered by such things I feel bad for you.

  18. This is literally the subreddit to vent about the petty annoyances of working in retail. What exactly were you expecting to find here?

  19. Tokoyami because he's strong as hell. If we're counting out the main trio, he's much faster than any classmates that could directly counter him and could beat them easily.

  20. Because they're different universes that were created independently of each other without regard to how the other works? Why the hell does it matter what Batman can do when he doesn't exist in this world?

  21. It's not supposed to be sad in the game but Deuce's mom calling him at the end of the Wishing Star event. My mom passed away a few weeks before then, so when that conversation popped up it hit me like a truck. It was both the worst and best time to see that.

  22. Meanwhile in Pomefiore, Vil is suddenly furious and has no idea why.

  23. I straight up don't understand this complaint the fandom has about the entire class not getting developed. Is it that hard to accept that some characters are just there to fill space and were never meant to get the spotlight treatment? I never see this complaint for any other series, it's baffling to me that this fandom in particular seems so fixated on it. Like, is there any other series, not just anime, where they take the time to flesh out all 20 kids in the main character's class? I can't think of any, and I don't get where this belief came from that it's a writing failure for the less important students to get minimal screentime.

  24. Oh no, I'm staying in Hot Dude Magic Land and marrying at least one of these boys. I stumbled into a free life do-over card and you can bet I'm using it!

  25. It's easy to pass off Lilia as just a joker when you have Rook running around being infinitely more unhinged and weird with zero excuse.

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