1. I tend to like the one on the right for the darker tones

  2. I thought Galenas was supposed to be hand trimmed now...

  3. That literally looks like shit with arms

  4. Are they sold in those mason jars or did you do that?

  5. I've always had good luck with rhythm.

  6. Did you get the email yet from the state for the 50 bucks?

  7. Of course you have really bad pain right?

  8. Thank you Chris. You honestly care a lot about your product and your customers.

  9. Smells and tastes really good also! Hahaha

  10. True... I mean if you have the time there's some really good deals.

  11. Man ...I just don't feel like standing in a line forever

  12. I've had pretty good luck with rhythm...

  13. Those pics make me want to take the long drive here soon... Hahaha!

  14. Try Ghostbudsters Farms, you will be glad you did!

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