1. I am not sure what your specifics are, but my mother's will cuts gives my brother substantially less than my sister and I. We have resolved to split it three ways. Their bad feelings shouldn't haunt YOU in your lifetime.

  2. I kind of think everyone needs them. Not only are they a deterrent, if you do have a break in, there is evidence for the police. My dogs set off a motion alert notification all day long but I'd rather take the second to check it is them and not a stranger in my home.

  3. I am! But that's because I am a boring person. If someone wants to watch me vacuuming, petting the dog or watching Hulu, they are even more boring than I.

  4. If your family has health insurance and you're in the US, federal law mandates they cover mental health. Perhaps your mom doesn't know this. She also may not know that their are therapists that offer video appointments so you don't even have to get rides anywhere. What you should do is research everything and present it again to Mom with a plan. "I want to tell you again that I really feel like I am unhappy and need some professional help and my guidance counsel at school agrees. I've been looking into it and I can see Dr Smith who is on our insurance via the internet once a week for a $30 dollar copay (or whatever). Do you have any objections to paying that amount and me making an appointment"? It is great you are reaching out for help. Now you need to make yourself heard. Sometime we parents don't take things as seriously as we should right away.

  5. I think it would help to know what are the ages of those involved. Middle School, High School or University?

  6. See if there’s a planned parenthood in your town. That’s what they do.

  7. I’m going to agree with you but I fear you’re going to get downvoted. It’s family. It’s a baby. OP was more concerned about getting rest than parents freaking out about their child and asking for some compassionate help. MIL has nothing to do with it. I’m just relieved I don’t have family members that behave so selfishly.

  8. The point is, maybe the MIL was drunk. Maybe she had diarrhea. If she could have done it, they wouldn’t have asked OP. Who btw 12 hours later OP is still such an AH who I hope needs a favor from her family really soon. But alas, they probably won’t be as vindictive as she deserves.

  9. Dont think dashers like cash tips. I have tried to tip cash a bunch of times and they never take it.

  10. Never take the order or never take the cash?

  11. "Hey. I have always loved halloween and it isn't celebrated in my country. Since I 've never been to a party, can you please take tons and tons of pictures so I can see them after? Thanks" If you're going to get an invite, it will come after that. Good luck.

  12. Our course say Happy Birthday. Be the bigger person.

  13. I said it to her but do u think it’s a disrespect thing that my sister and bro didn’t say it to me? Like I wasn’t at home but still they could’ve texted it to me like I texted her right now like that clealrey means they forgot or they don’t fk with u right? Like would yu take it as a diss thing or no?

  14. Yup. I think they are inconsiderate, rude jerks. There is no excuse because if they forgot on the actual day, an "oops" text as soon as they remembered would have been nice. But let this old lady give you some advice. Friends and even family will slight you in your life. If you let it bother you, you are wasting your time because it isn't bothering THEM. You did the right thing. They didn't. You win. Even if only in your head. And Happy Belated Birthday.

  15. Late to this party, but as a family therapist, OP did exactly what I would have recommended. You are wrong. She was parenting whether you can see it or not, it's a hard line that you will often take with teenagers that is often recommended by family therapists and parenting coaches in the mental health field. With regards to stealing, I would define it as the intent of taking something and depriving that person the use of whatever it was you have taken. Which applies in this case

  16. You should have stayed away from the party because either you are lying about being a family therapist or are a very bad one. I suggest you read Individual Level Of Risk Factors of Incarcerated Youth. June, 2015. The Impact of Incarceration on Youthful Offenders, 2013, Major Mental Disabilities, Substance Disorders, Comorbidity, HIV-AIDS risk in Juvenile detainees, 2015. Get a new career.

  17. 😆 You clearly just Googled that. You're not fooling anyone. If you were actually knowledgeable, you would have known to do a proper citation. At this point, relying on Google to make you sound like you have a background in mental health just makes you look like the 12 year old trying to fit in with the kids who can drive

  18. I never claimed to have a background in mental health with the exception of a psychiatry rotation in 1990. Do you have a reading comprehension problem? And of COURSE I googled it. Do you expect me to go through twenty years of JAMA magazines to specifically site facts that are well known to the medical community? However, since you seem to be informed of changes made, why not site specific articles in what you claim to be your field. Articles that specifically support juvenile detention for infractions against family members. Heck, I'll even take support for detention for infractions against friends, neighbors and third cousins twice removed. You will find none. Zero. They do not exist by any credible psychology journal. I doubt you even have an on line MFT degree as a reread your initial comment.

  19. Have faith in yourself. That is the key to happiness. No some imaginary deity that allows you to accept defeat as "God's Plan".

  20. How about "something came up and I can't go tonight. I am so sorry". You don't need to make up a big story.

  21. The news didn’t warn you of flood potential?

  22. I can tell you that in Orlando, we started getting flood warnings shortly before the store. Constant hurricane and tornado warnings but not much about floods until day of.

  23. Go to one semester of community colleges and apply to uni as soon as they accept applications again. Register for next SATs. Are you certain it is to Late? Have you seen the school liaison?

  24. Maybe she just doesn’t go on the app often, is interested, but doesn’t want to Miss your messages?

  25. In what context? If it’s social, people love talking about themselves so there is no such thing. If it’s trying to get more out of a story then the other person knows and they get annoyed, simply say your curiosity runs away with you at times.

  26. Everyone sees shit all the time regardless of any mental disorders. I've seen creepy shit that made me question my own sanity too. It's common.

  27. This is a great answer. And the older you get, the more often it will happen. Ghosts aren’t real but our imaginations are amazing! Was there someone there? Could be but who cares? They didn’t seem to be in danger.

  28. Go with your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, it generally isn’t.

  29. Do the senses method when you feel anxiety coming upon you. Deep breath. Close your eyes and slowly concentrate. What do you smell? What do you hear? What does the thing in front of you feel like? Imagine what it would feel like to lick an envelope, what it would feel like to lick the wall, your hand, (whatever you want. It is amazing that humans seem to know what everything is like to lick) Open your eyes. Look up, what does the ceiling texture look like? Another deep breath. 9/10 your anxiety will be gone.

  30. babes i am quite literally a lesbian 😭

  31. Then you really have no motivation than to hurt your friend? Or do you want them to break up because you have feelings for her? I am sorry but I was trying to see why a friend would even consider such a thing. It would be so cruel.

  32. Don't tell him. Even though I suspect you have a crush on him. You'll ruin the friendship and he isn't going to magically want to be with you.

  33. The only way you should respond to this is if your ex was abusive. If that is the case, you have an obligation to warn her. Other than that, stay out of his new relationship. It is none of your business.

  34. You're 26. It is lovely to have your parents blessing for your future but it isn't required. However, listen very closely to their concerns, process them and make sure there aren't things you are overlooking because you're in love. If you feel this person is perfect, good luck with the proposal! Also, six hours? Really? Why bother if they won't talk to you?

  35. Hmm. Well, is it worth the risk that the client may notify your firm you are looking for new employment?

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