1. I made Sunday my cheat day from dieting so I can be a full on glutton with Potomac on..

  2. Also "Indian" is a very myopic descriptor for a country so large and ethnically, religiously and culturally diverse. There are over 2000 known ethnicities recorded in India? The Punjabi are different from the Tamil are different from the Bengali are different from the... We could go on and on. This person is being a racist and covering it by having an ex Indian husband lmao? I don't get it at all.

  3. I can’t read the word “myopic” without hearing Patrick from Vanderpump

  4. Ok first am I looking at dolphin landon? This looks nothing like her?! And second, I am shocked that Liza is in her 20s, she looks quite older for how young she truly is.

  5. Yeah, is no one else bothered by the incorrect banner on here? Is there some joke I am missing?

  6. Speaking from personal experience, yes. My Venus falls in my spouse's 8th house, also perfectly conjunct his Pluto. His Mars falls in my 7th house, the "marriage" house. Having personal planet's in someone's 8th house, especially Venus or Mars but also the Moon and maybe the Sun, indicates very intense sexual attraction, deeper than a surface physical level. Having Pluto there too can vamp that up to obsession level, so try to keep those feelings in check.

  7. I have, but it doesnt really make much sense to me. Any chance you would want to take a look at it?!

  8. I'm a capricorn sun/capricorn moon/aries rising and if I had it my way I would wear head to toe black leather all day everyday.

  9. I’ve been watching Bravo way too long....I just assumed Catherine’s father was her boyfriend 🤷‍♀️

  10. When Taylor Armstrong lied about Adrienne being Kennedy's godmother and just kept nodding and smiling when Adrienne admitted she wasn'

  11. ahaahhahaa the back track music when she was talking about never having plastic surgery ahahahahha I can't breathe

  12. This is a bit of a cheat but the thing that has made me by far most uncomfortable wasn’t on the show- I think it was in Alex’s book? It was wherever she described her birth, for some reason giving it away that Simon ejaculated on her back during her birth while she was in a water pool... I think about it from time to time and it never fails to ruin my day

  13. Wtf is she selling? The egg crate packing foam art hanging on her wall?

  14. I LIVE for public arguments with footage of nearby staff and innocent bystanders not knowing what to do or say.

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