1. I seriously didn’t know this before I began learning about churches teachings .

  2. With all due respect, you say you're a returning member, but the gaps in your understanding are very big...

  3. As a mother, your words strike terror in my heart.

  4. Yes he has, and although we love them, only people who follow Christ are our brothers. Speaking the truth on issues isn’t hate

  5. I wish I could supplement. District told us not to. Pretty sure I’ll end up breaking that rule by the end of the year for my own sanity.

  6. I love my wearable "Temp Drop" and the app that comes with it... but a standalone... I don't know.

  7. Liturgy of the Hours is pretty much a Catholic Devotion. If you find it, then it's a trusted version.

  8. There are also electronic versions - iBreviary (free) and Universalis ($12). Some people will use Christian Prayer for the offices it contains and one of the electronic versions for the Office of Readings and daytime offices.

  9. If your parents ignore you, then write a letter to your bishop.

  10. Are you implying that what any of us said is untrue?

  11. Standing is the "proper" substitution. I've been in places where the whole congregation stood for the consecration (Eastern Rite Churches especially).

  12. No, you are not. I do like 2e way more.. The setting makes sense unlike vast treasure fleetw coming from nowhere of 1e.

  13. I wish they would make films where the witches are the bad guys and normal people are the good guys.

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