1. Mine does that every now and then.. Doodles are weird, needy, and go through strange stages..

  2. I overdid this, he was tied to me for the first 2-3 months, I now have a dog that doesn’t leave my side and has some separation anxiety.

  3. just the breed working as intended. I have yet to meet a well-adjusted goldendoodle who isn't several years old yet.. Then they wake up one morning and decide they want to be the world's greatest dogs and are..

  4. I’m still waiting for that moment. He’s a year old and I’m hoping it comes after the neuter.

  5. So what does all that taste like (provided a decimal isn't out of place, of course)?

  6. Yep. Me, too.. I'm old and J. Graphics (that's how old- lol) and I still have a thing going on 😁

  7. all about what's underneath.. I pull a metal comb through mine once or twice a day, and his top coat still gets like that, but I can put a comb through any part of him smoothly.

  8. how much are you putting in? Should be like the size of a small grain of rice per hit.. one hit at a time

  9. Oakley is going to eventually learn a good lesson from that- lol.. Great coat, btw.. velour doggie 😁

  10. yep.. both legs out when he's on the couch sitting, too 🤣

  11. that's the thing.. they are all really glorified one hitters.. grain of rice size per hit for best results and pull slower than you think you need to, or it's just big mess and doesn't work neatly as well..

  12. Put the leash on from day 1 and let them run around with it so they start getting used to it. When you are hanging out, keep the dog tethered to you..

  13. Yes! This helps potty training so much. The thin puppy leash is very cheap on Amazon - and keeping them tethered to you helps with bonding and eventual outside leash training. When they are small take them out every hour to prevent accidents, and give them lots of praise when they go outside. I do NOT recommend pee pads - it can confuse them if they are allowed to go inside the house sometimes

  14. agreed on the pee pads.. just take them out all of the time, and watch their body language.. you'll figure out the cues quickly... and even if they start in the house, wisk them up while sprinkling or worse- and get them outside to finish.

  15. The vast majority do.. Mine looks like an upside down pretzel sometimes.

  16. Galenas, AR, Woodward (in no particular order). However, lately, I have been finding all sorts of stuff from other vendors who used to suck that is really good now and way way less expensive.

  17. what everever it it translates to "pay full attention to me NOW.. none of this one handed BS or half looking crap" 🤣

  18. that toy wouldn't last 5 minutes with mine- lol

  19. and a good thing, too, or mine would be dead 🤣🤣

  20. We feed Gordon Purina. It's great. He likes it. Frankly, after a certain point, dog food is dog good. (cue the purists.. blah blah.. blah.. 🤣🤣)

  21. Same here.. we are waiting for him to figure out he can get it himself 🤣

  22. I swear she’s coming close… one day she hit the dispenser and water poured all over her

  23. I hope Gordon does that, and I'm there to watch 🤣

  24. Get him used to a metal comb. I comb my f2 daily and he is always smooth and fluffy that way.. and if you start at this age they will get used to it quickly, and the undercoat will never get a foothold..

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