1. Certainly worth the purchase. Got 1/10 of the Sundae Sunset. From January so the boveda freshened it up perfectly. Great buzz. Definitely a knock out after a little while. I have had the Sundae Driver cart from Klutch. I can smell what I tasted in that cart. Worth it. Buds look good just no pics.

  2. Thanks. Keeping "seeing" that one as I look and have been tempted, because the genetics look solid. Maybe I'll grab one to see..

  3. Interesting to see no terpinoline in the top terpenes.. Jack is usually full of it..

  4. Electric pranut butter cookies, chem og, and g-purps are in my current rotation for that.. however, almost any "sativa" with the 1st terp as myrcene will also do the trick, just the other way around , if that makes any sense..

  5. Look out for Ancient Roots NYC Chem if you're interested in a mycrene heavy "sativa". Mine came in at about 1.57% Mycrene and 3% total terps.

  6. After a certain point it is almost structurly impossible for the plant to create more, and when they do, it means the cultivators are doing it artificially for gimmick sake

  7. Personally, i switch up the types. I find that switching up genetics.. like really switching them... not just derivations.. makes a difference for me. It's like my body got "used to" one version, so when i go with something totally different it says "oh yeah, now i remember" 😁😁

  8. If you are a fan of this one, this is about as good as it gets imo. All the goodies Catfish offers in abundance... From CLE Rise..

  9. Went in with an order for 2, saw the numbers, and left with 5.

  10. I want that! What a great idea! Where did you get it?

  11. If you can get it when it's not dry as Betty white's vagina then it's fire but man the last 3jars were like dust from king the tuts tomb. But it's my fav out of the few strains I like of theres now rosin they def got it together there.

  12. Yep.. it always spends the first few days in a jar with 62% packs.. opens it right up..

  13. I bought 2 of those. 55 bucks otd made it a no brainer

  14. I got another one today and it wasn’t the same batch even though it was the same location just a couple days later. I guess I got lucky the first time.

  15. Mine were in the plain bags.. numbers aren't as good, but it still seems to be doing the trick quite nicely

  16. I had normal batch.. numbers weren't too different.

  17. Personally it hits me like a frieght train. Seering near psychadelic rush followed by goofy weightlessness has been my experience with it. Heavy, but quite enjoyable

  18. Oosh.. saucey stuff is such a crap shoot.. my suggestion is grab a spongy bud and mop that all up, crack open your grinder and make your own moon rocks. That's what I do, since there isn't much else you can..

  19. Agree about pine in the morning.. head up high, body down low.. love that!

  20. Some of the stuff I had from cresco was really good I think it was rollins and a Pineapple Express. Wellspring GMO is really tasty too if you like the skunky taste.

  21. I second the Rollins if you are looking for EXTREME terpinoline taste.. when I bought it I was sure it was a misprint the number were so high that the dispo moved decimals around by accident. It would have been still great if that were the case. It wasn't.. basically "all the rest" after 68% was terpinoline..

  22. Lol.. yeah, it's a whole different world. Personally, I take a few dabs and the pack a bowl to happily linger over.. actually doing that right now 😎

  23. Looks delicious.. if it's done right given those numbers, it should be mouthwateringly (sic) good.

  24. Hammer.. works for everything, and makes for very happy headshop owners😁

  25. Never had it and prolly wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale but gives me a very heavy eye feeling good relaxation idk what it compares to Klutch or what not but the bugs were dense and soft w very nice terp flavor gassy and a little sour

  26. It's not half bad.. i'll buy it when it is on super sale (like you did). For me it tastes/feels more like a Chem OG as opposed to the other way around like the traditional variety (i.e. josh d/klutch)

  27. Wrong cultivator unless I'm seriously missing something..

  28. If it is really ice hash it should be full melt, right?

  29. I have yet to buy anything from them that didn't turn to dusty when I broke it apart.. had a humidity packs in them, too. I have read reviews around here where people swear by it and say the batches are perfect, etc. However, I have never had that experience and after 3 or 4 tries, I've basically given up on them.. lots better in the program imo (ymmv)

  30. You might want to include those 10 strains otherwise your recommendations aren’t going to be effective.

  31. Opposite actually.. wanted zero bias.. list so far is interesting to me.. some surprises... many not..

  32. Big fan of their smalls. My last 2 halves from them were Blue Blast and Animal Mints.. The Wedding Cake and Gelato I got before that were even better imo ymmv

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