1. why do all negative Lighthouse posts/comments get hidden or deleted? suspicious…

  2. i have gotten Buckeye Relief’s Rainbow Grease, for example, at the same price point. Lighthouse isnt worth $10 imo, i gave away the jar of it i had to people who value $ over health.

  3. Gotten that, too.. delta shift stuff is even cheaper. However, for this topic you seem to have big feelings for this company. Perhaps a disgruntled former "processor" or a someone who applied but was denied? Is there more to this?

  4. Grape octane is very good.. Stellar high. Could be a lot louder though.. was hoping for much more front and back end being a Woodward. That said, it is still terrific and better than the very vast majority in the program.. 20% off at the botonist was a nice surprise, too

  5. I couldn't agree more. Def smelled nice, just not super pungent like Animal Face and the like. I dont know about you but I wish I would have gotten minis because 90% of my nugs were very small anyways. I usually buy full size my first buy of any of their strains because I like looking at the nugs (stupid for the $, I know). My dispo didnt have minis of any of the new strains unfortunately. But still happy with the Grape Octane. Mine wasnt dry but I think if I throw a humidity pack in, let it sit and burp it for a few days the smell might be more to reckon with. I usually have good luck doing that with the less pungent WW strains.

  6. Agreed.. I added a pack, too, and it has opened it up.

  7. Pick up their halves all the time.. just picked up their Blue Blast, and it is great. not really Blue Blast, but terrific nonetheless 😁 and for the price.. close to unbeatable for CLE area imo (ymmv)

  8. It doesn't give any numbers only the 3 major terps myrcene limonene caryophyllene

  9. 35 bucks for a half... if it doesn't give you a headache and makes you mildly high its a huge find 😁

  10. So let me guess... you got it in the mail, screwed in the atomizer, and started hitting it like it was a glorified pen? If that is the case you are just blowing up cups because it isn't meant to work that way. However, for an extra 200 dollars you can skip reading a few tips and instructions all you want πŸ˜‰

  11. No. I got it in the mail screwed it in and this is all it does. This is the only use I've gotten it. Obviously why I made the post πŸ˜‰

  12. Must be really bad luck then. I have a couple and they have fine since I got them.. Still using the beta v5 with it..

  13. I'm sure it just fine.. better than fine, even... 😁 lots of linalool in there, too

  14. Yes.. and I haven't been disappointed by any of them from pow. it's popcorn, but that makes little difference to me. Just picked up Legendary Larry because it was on sale (75 bucks or so otd), and it is great.. not much taste, but the effects are spot on OG.. i've had this, Gelato, Blue Blast, Animal Mints, the 2 skunks they do... all ate well worth it imo (ymmv)

  15. They're fun for sure but like a really expensive bottle of wine, they are a special occasion type thing for me. Meaning whenever I want to get really stoned lol.

  16. Don't worry, he won't eat much... 😁😁

  17. Blueberry cheesecake.. while it really isn't actually it's namesake, it is a terrific Tahoe Alien derivation..

  18. The part where it says you can’t ride you jet ski…. 😝

  19. No more street cars and trolleys down to the ole ice cream social either it seems 😁😁

  20. G Purps by Verano was a rather well done purp strain. Wasn't the most purple colored, but the taste and effects were very reminiscent of purple loud from my earlier smoking days. Worth a shot my man!

  21. Agreed... pretty much the loudest grapey candy smell and flavor around these parts. It's usually pretty dry, but nothing a boveda pack doesn't quickly solve, and once it really opens up it's even more delicious.. no missing the taste..

  22. It's probably the best bho is the program at the moment imo..

  23. That is nothing new.. was doing that in parking lots of dead shows in the 80's 😁😁

  24. β€˜Two balloons please’ , then pass out from the first one and accidentally release the second.

  25. Lol.. lots of scraped up knees... 😁😁

  26. Running it through the mighty+ at 370Β° F with a small bubbler, A bit gassy on the front end, then gives way to a creamy berry with vanilla undertones .Very reminiscent of wedding cake!

  27. Makes sense.. Wedding cake x Gelato.. must be heavier on the WC side.. interested in hearing from someone who has had Klutch's for the sake of comparison..

  28. That is the most myrcene I think I have ever seen.

  29. My buddy ate a whole syringe the first time. He is a heavy smoker but it was the first time he got/heard of this stuff. He got so fucked up he thought he was dying. I forgot about it until I got my card and was reading about eating a rice granule sized amount to start with. That story had me dying laughing after I looked into what it was more.

  30. "Hope you're not doing anything for the next month" 😁😁

  31. What is it called when it is not the "in-house" name?

  32. Think you're right, though the names lends itself to GSC on the back end..

  33. They are perfectly happy to take our money whenever 😁😁

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