1. I wear mine 24/7 but it’s the all black 5600

  2. Remember my cousin got one stuck up his nose and went to hospital

  3. This is my everyday watch. Haven’t taken it off in the month+ since I got it. I’m temped to go solar but this is too clean… I am annoyed that I’ll have to change battery eventually but whatever. Sticking with it.

  4. I have one. Wear it 24/7 Tempted to go solar, but this is too pure

  5. What does the little star thing above the seconds mean?

  6. Boomer Esiason… in bathroom of Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. Great guy.

  7. My cousin waited on Danny DeVito at a restaurant. He said he was a great guy, but he happened to order the worst thing on the menu…

  8. That’s Casio’s branding for their solar charging technology! Spectacular stuff, really. Little bit of sunshine will keep that thing running for months and months.

  9. I was in the dark about the solar lol. I got a 5600 recently and I love it.. when I want to upgrade, which tough solar should I get that’s most similar to the 5600? Don’t need bells/whistles.

  10. The GW-5610 sits perfectly in the middle! It’s got Tough Solar and Multi Band 6, everything you’d ever really need, without paying for the extra “Made in Japan” and metal caseback expenses.

  11. I’m sticking with my all black 5600 for awhile

  12. If I could only keep one, for sure it would be the MRG-B

  13. Dumb question but “tough solar” means solar powered?

  14. What’s the closest thing to a 5600 without all the bells and whistles? I want to get one once battery runs out, but want a simple one

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