1. The OPS (Ontario Public Service) is quite large (60k+ staff) and most of the ministries have their HQs in downtown Toronto, so there's a number of policy jobs and what not there. If you can do an internship/co-op there (even if your goal is the feds) I would definitely take advantage of it. I go to TMU and we have lots of Co-op students doing roles there, although I'm not sure what the numbers look like on the policy side as I'm a business student.

  2. You need to use the extension form that they included in the email. You don't apply for osap the normal way when you get osap for the preceding winter.

  3. If you're taking a part time course load you have to apply for part time osap like it says at the bottom of the letter.

  4. 4 accounts so far (including this one) were created on July 10th, 2022. These 4 accounts have no post history, except when it comes to this current election. This account is likely concern trolling, however, due to the election, we're hesitant to remove any posts like this as the amount of verification that we can do is minimal.

  5. It's a great idea and something that I was looking into doing before. I made a post about it here:

  6. Just to add; All of the flairs on this subreddit have been verified. Late 2021 I removed every flair on this subreddit, so that's why you don't currently see many people with flairs.

  7. The rink in front of the Chang school is maintained by the city. Anyone is welcome to use it.

  8. Well since my post saying who I am was removed from

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  10. Awesome, thanks! Yeah I didn't think it was on purpose or anything LOL, was just more of a "what the?!" when it was there and then [removed] - appreciate you reaching out!! Will try again, but if I ever break any of the rules just lemme know haha! And sounds good, thanks for all the work you (and all the other mods) do!

  11. Np! Yeah sometimes things get flagged by the "big" spam filters and it makes it look we've silently filtered them out, even though nothing in our automod ruleset was triggered.

  12. I've always gone to my classes (unless I had something else I needed to attend) and the decrease in attendance is very noticeable after the midterms. It's pretty normal.

  13. You can't plan that far ahead. For midterms your midterm could be during a lecture time slot or it could be on a weekend. For finals, there's an exam period in which all of the exams will occur, however, those dates aren't announced until further into the semester. The numbers always change so things won't be consistent from one year to the next.

  14. I still have access to UTSC and UTM, just not Rotman unfortunately. I've actually narrowed things down to exactly those 3 as well (UBC, UTSC, McGill). Would you say they're all on the same level or do any of them have some speciality they shine in?

  15. For location reasons alone I would scratch out UTSC completely. Especially since you have the option of going to McGill or UBC.

  16. Yes, you still need to do them. Just do them as if you were planning on not doing Co-op.

  17. I would recommend upgrading and applying to uni directly if a bachelors degree is your goal. You'll have an easier time doing that then starting a college program (plus the associated costs of that) and then trying to transfer over to a university. There's also no guarantee that your college courses will be transferable.

  18. They'll move the funds over to your campus fund account, which is ironically more flexible than the flex funds account.

  19. Sorry to hear that happen! Make sure you report your student card as missing too as that can be used to access buildings under your name.

  20. Do you know what you want to do (programing?)?

  21. I don't know anything about the chem program but I will say that both schools are known to be commuter schools.

  22. You need to meet the conditions by the date specified on the offer letter. As long as you do that, you'll be fine.

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