1. We didn’t get that dystopia. We got Brave New World. China got 1984.

  2. Sang the first line of “Bohemian Rhapsody” but didn’t finish the song

  3. Nobody is shaming men for looking at someone. They’re shaming them for ogling and staring and hitting on them.

  4. “What do you mean there’s a cure for TB”

  5. “Well, there was, but then we misused our antibiotics and TB became immune to it and now there isn’t. Again.”

  6. You know, if you told me that Khorne made pitbulls to spill blood for him, I’d believe you

  7. I “dated” a zoophile, I’m pretty sure. Obviously, she didn’t tell me til after we “broke up” (it was more a FWB scenario). We were messaging each other when I was in college and she told me she wished she could have watched her porn with me but was to afraid to, and when I asked why she said because it involved animals and was illegal. She didn’t give the impression of being facetious.

  8. Poor writing combined with the lack of ability to see that massive plot armour is a bad thing. Further, it'd be possible to have avoided the issue of plot armour and not killed a single main character. But that would involve having the group, among other things, be capable of losing, face genuinely dangerous enemies, to have lost in the past, etc. An example of this is The 4400 - it's a good example of how to not give the protagonists plot armour. From the start, it was shown that the characters are human, they could fail, and that they also know what they're doing, and they faced enemies who fought well and knew what they were doing.

  9. They keep saying that ST isn’t GOT and is more like Goonies or E.T.

  10. There’s also the fact that apparently the upside down/Vecna/the mind flayer has been in Will’s mind since season one, and he says so at the end of season 4 I believe. And yet somehow, despite the fact that Vecna hacked his brain and basically removed all emotional and mental privacy, his biggest issue is that he doesn’t know how to tell Mike he loves him.

  11. So the wiring in three of the audio outlets went out yesterday, just my luck, but I’m happy that I’m able to get it fixed by someone in town rather than scrapping the entire unit.

  12. That's not actually true though. Some people win the genetic lottery, others don't. No one should be judged on appearance but it's human nature.

  13. It’s that people still equate with “beautiful = good” and “ugly = bad”, even though they say that it’s not true.

  14. Cutting back on factory farming cows would actually save way more water but y’all don’t wanna talk about that

  15. Vegan challenge: don’t change topic of almond water use to factory farming animals (impossible)

  16. Reminds me of that old Carlos Mencia joke: if you see a bunch of animals that usually hate each other running in the same direction and not fighting, for the love of god run.

  17. They’re able to sense the small warning signs that humans can’t, same as animals know when storms are approaching and eat what they can before hunkering down to ride the storm out.

  18. Either Event Horizon, Tremors, or Fire Walk With Me, depending on the mood.

  19. I wonder how this will work. Think we’ll get a Disney v GOP? Cause that’s a legal fight that I just now realized I want to see.

  20. This is the same emotional response as when I paid off a student loan and owed only 84 grand rather than 86 grand

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