1. Makima’s massacre is one of the scenes that worked better in the anime than the manga. The tension, hand motions, and violence all combined to create something truly awe-inspiring and terrifying. Plus, Tomori Kusunoki continues to kill it as Makima.

  2. I really liked the temple scene. Makima's hand motions looked just like hand motions in the manga; the way this looked like she was crushing something between her hands, that was so cool.

  3. Never heard of the place, but my wife can taste anything and make it (or a really close copy).

  4. i am begging conservatives to just Be Normal

  5. And when costs come back down, rent does not, for some reason. Housing prices fluctuate, so why the fuck doesn't rent?

  6. I've been involuntarily committed twice in Louisiana. First facility was private and terrible, freezing inside, inedible food, constant noise, harassment from other patients with no intervention, one large shower that was clearly meant for washing equipment not people, literal preaching during group sessions to the tune of "Jesus doesn't want you to do this", no books but they let us watch Django Unchained 😂 The second facility was more modern and better run, but it was still not pleasant.

  7. I'm in Louisiana as well. Can I ask where you went?

  8. I had a really really good experience at Audubon Dental Group on Magazine. Doctor Hammack was very kind and understanding about my concerns and even called me the evening after my procedure to make sure I was feeling all right and if I had any further questions. Insurance tried to fight some stuff, but they fought back (they want to get paid after all!) and insurance eventually covered the portion they were arguing. 10/10

  9. Dr. Hammack is actually already my dentist! He's awesome. Unfortunately tho after looking at my x-rays he referred me to an oral surgeon, apparently my wisdoms aren't a straightforward task.

  10. You're really doing god's work during these Very Expensive Times

  11. I don't see how the former capital of the Confederacy couldn't be in the South

  12. Nope, I've actually never been to Texas! I'm from New Orleans.

  13. holy shit who isn't in dune 2???? I knew about Florence but Austin too???

  14. Remember how snapchat used to show everybody's best friends?

  15. You can't help people who resist help kicking and screaming. We all know what the solution is for getting better: it's medication, therapy, real-life support systems/community, and time. Sometimes the answer is inpatient. People want to refuse this so, so, so much. I've been called insensitive for telling people here to go see a psychiatrist but that's seriously step one. The people here aren't professionals and nobody should expect us to be.

  16. brown is a shade of... orange? this is new information to me.

  17. Comfy clothes, toiletries if they're allowed (especially shampoo/conditioner(if you use it)). And deoderant, PLEASE.

  18. One other tip, it very well may not apply to you, but anyone else who sees this, can be a lifesaver:

  19. What is the medium ? This looks amazing!

  20. I looked at the artist's instagram and he uses acrylic on canvas. Which honestly blows my mind, I couldn't dream of getting my acrylics this smooth. But yeah, super talented tattoo/traditional artist, you can check out his work

  21. That's actually really interesting. How does the points system work?

  22. I'm in legal tech. It's the kind of job I don't have to think about after I clock out at the end of the day. Good for work-life balance.

  23. They bruise too easily cause it seems like 80% of them have an iron deficiency

  24. A male friend drunkenly punched me in the arm Friday night. Wasn't trying to hurt me or anything, just drunk and punchy. My whole upper arm is still black and blue. I know he didn't intend anything wrong by it but damn, I look beat up. Maybe I need iron.

  25. Its extremely common in women. Every month they lose a decent amount of blood, and with it the iron in that blood. It's frequently underestimated how much iron they need in their diet to replace that. Just one of those things that is like, Oh yeah, that makes sense, but doesn't get talked about in nutrition or health classes as much as it should.

  26. So we actually only lose about 2 teaspoons of blood during our periods, so about the same as like, getting lab tests done. Idk if that tiny amount of blood loss would lead to bruising more easily, but I can definitely confirm that I personally bruise super easy.

  27. At least Beale street doesn’t constantly smell of shit and piss like Bourbon street.

  28. Look locals don't claim Bourbon Street. We don't go there. The shit and piss smell is on the tourists.

  29. Dirtier than New Orleans? I’m not sure what parts of Memphis you drove through, but NO is far dirtier imo

  30. The French Quarter, maybe, but the average street we saw in Memphis was definitely dirtier than the average street here in New Orleans.

  31. Okay but like fr tho I don't believe for a second that it's actually 55° out there. It's fucking freezing.

  32. I transferred from an SEC school to Tulane and sorry but Tulane goes way harder.

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