1. Maybe this hobby is not for you then. I want to drive a Ferrari but i cant afford one, guess i should just steal it then?

  2. Its true, we dont want the poors getting into the hobby.

  3. I think you may be doing the whole "breeding" part wrong.

  4. You can use lightbulbs during the day even if it's not night yet. Your logic is really flawed.

  5. Your very own example works against you, a light turned on during then day doesnt stop being a light.

  6. Zajeff cleared 12th Abyss full stars with Dehya like an hour after she was released. It was never impossible. She got carried but it's not like she does 0 damage. He has a strong Raiden Hyperbloom team though so he always had two minutes with her and plenty of time to recharge when the floor was almost cleared.

  7. The cognative dissonance here is incredible.

  8. Not sure you know what cognitive (that's how you spell it) dissonance means.

  9. You are the weakest human to ever live my friend. You come back 2 weeks after the conversation just to say I mis-typed something? Pathetic.

  10. Is there anywhere where the unedited footage is? The moron in the OP keeps being like "well then what is the context?" but its hard to show actual context of a question when only a select part of it has been released not even mentioning that anyone who sees these jump cuts and thinks that its totally in context is a moron but that doesnt help.

  11. I wish I could post my LYS scene files so you people could see what I was doing with bike where I had pieces under each other.

  12. Was actually a little bigger than I expected but I think that’s because of all the toilet paper usa edits

  13. I showed my friend who knows nothing online shit one of the edits of him and then showed him one of the edits where its smaller again and then when i showed him the real thing he thought it was still edited.

  14. The left has lied to themselves so much that they now think that he actually did murder people.

  15. EDIT: I have a lot more that I would like to discuss about this topic with people but unfortunately the person who I replied to is a coward and blocked me meaning

  16. Man I really wanna know why people think he is a murderer and when this is how you engage its so dissapointing.

  17. I'm extremely curious what this post said now, and how it violated Reddit's ToS XD

  18. HARD tinfoil hat time but what if this was a sockpuppet post by HYV to try and show more people liking dehya and reddit removed it becaue its clearly trying to vote manipulate.

  19. She's bad and all but this isn't anything new. Diluc shatters frozen enemies instead of melt since forever now.

  20. And that would be fair if these attacks counted as normal attacks but instead they have all of the downside with none of the benefit.

  21. This is a terrible fucking day for rain.

  22. Give them enough Javelins, Stingers, and Himars, and any Russian attack will be just a meat grinder.

  23. Oh, we skipped both the OP and the ED!

  24. I wonder if they go the Realist Hero route and have Al get "killed" only to have a new commander show up and work for the king.

  25. Cant wait for the ViciNeko version with Dehya.

  26. Kumoku and Ariel were the only ones I cared about. Watching Ariel's personality change over episodes was so great. By the end of the season she was really fun.

  27. I think it was just that the entire human side was boring AF. Ariel was fun and pretty cool to watch.

  28. They could literally have removed all the human episodes from the anime and it would have been better.

  29. Literally any time they were on screen I skipped till I saw her back on. I think episode 15 was like all human side which basically meant I just skipped that entire episode.

  30. She takes double damage over time from Corrosion and Redmane at the same time (I think, haven't actually tried that yet, but I believe the two dots probably stack)

  31. Yeah I know it was sarcasm that because she is such a bad unit you dont care about keeping her alive.

  32. Paimon is the only one who has stuck with us and I will protector till the day I die.

  33. There was a lot of theories about how paimon is afraid of being eaten and when

  34. Its nice that you dont even have to try and that because she is on the stand banner you can look forward to losing the 50/50 to her!

  35. probably hyperbloom with dehya as a flex spot you don't change to /s

  36. But they can clear it WITH dehya right? So that counts and she is fine right? These HYV simps are really starting to piss me off.

  37. "Nope, too late, should have asked before she came out."

  38. Good thing the deleted everyones complaints and stonewalled the entire community pretending there wasn't a raging fire (not from dehya of course) burning in all of their threads.

  39. The animation falls flat sometimes and the story and script can be pretty stilted at times but there is something just really charming about this show that I like. The end theme being so cute helps me have a good mood of it at the end too.

  40. What it feels like getting locked into dehyas burst animation.

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