1. I'd recommend Reaper. It's technically not free, but it's like winrar in that it won't stop you from using it past the trial period, and doesn't have any feature restrictions on it.

  2. And the free FX/plugins in Reaper make it a true proper DAW. A major upgrade from Audactiy.

  3. Love the flow of this. The way your lines sort of halt and start again really coveys the POV's state of mind and regret.

  4. great sound.. instrumentals are really tight. I couldn't quite make out most of the lyrics, but some re-recording/mixing should fix that up. Felt very swampy/bluesy metal. I really like it, you've got something special here. Keep on it

  5. Gosh do I love this. I wonder if you could tie your two images together (swimming, spotlight) by evoking the image of a lighthouse. Maybe you could swap out the bit about the fast car and passenger seat (it kind of comes out of nowhere) with something more in line with that theme. Good luck, really like the imagery.

  6. Sisters are Doing It For Themselves - Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox

  7. Love this song: Eva Under Fire - Heroin(e)

  8. Beautiful rhymes! Definitely don't give up on this one.

  9. Black Sabbath (Dio) - Falling Off The Edge Of The World

  10. This is more so a poem that I’m planning on turning into a song, but I’d like to hear your thoughts

  11. I'd swap "teeth" for something else. Lips? Lies?

  12. I put a new song out yesterday about those pesky inner demons:

  13. Released an album about a year ago now. I'd still like to get more ears on it. Here's the first part of the closing track:

  14. Great work! I really enjoy your song 'lessons learned'. Beautiful instrumentals bring the whole sound together.

  15. I really liked this one. Great exploration of the theme and your band's sound is really unique. Thanks for sharing

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