1. Bitches just say shit for no reason bro I’d break her fucking neck

  2. Autistic guy here, I hate myself but I hate neurotypicals more so I keep going

  3. Autistic guy here, I hate myself but I hate neurotypicals more so I keep going

  4. Fuck trigger warnings and fuck people who are afraid to grow up and do real shit

  5. I’m all for defending lgbt rights as a member of the community myself but drag queens have no place being around children, same thing with kink shit, it’s fine in it’s own place but this is wrong

  6. Fuck teslas fuck Elon musk fuck car-dependent infrastructure

  7. Anime fans when they try to find a joke that isn’t about sex or children:

  8. Is a little girly but it’s gorgeous bro don’t change a thing

  9. It’s hard to tell when people are being serious or not (especially since I’ve met people who genuinely think the biggest problem affecting humanity is overpopulation). But I retract my downvote! It’s not a bad joke

  10. Dude I didn’t understand bro you have to use /s please use /s tone indicator bro please I can’t understand joke

  11. Everybody gangsta till they see that black box/conch combo🙏

  12. LA revo(real shops,textures,etc.) + 5real(real cars) + Realism Beyond(graphics/lighting overhaul + Personal ENB 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I’m autistic and I fucking hate tone indicators; I can 100% understand what people mean over text, people only want you to use tone indicators because neurotypical people wanna white knight for “neurodivergent people” because they actually think we’re dumb as fuck, and don’t even care about what we actually feel like

  14. When we got 12 year olds with ipads it’s no wonder why everybody addicted to porn bro 😭

  15. “Everything’s really expensive right now, so just spend less money :))))”

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