1. You sound like a nit that doesn’t bluff very often, do it more and you’ll be less nervous

  2. Maybe you can elaborate on what you mean by distribution here because I don't think you're using it in the way I'm familiar with?

  3. I’d rather not go into huge detail but essentially everyone gets the same cards and over say a 100k hand sample you may get a very good distribution of cards compared to another sample. Your EV might be even but you might get set over set etc or run KK into AA at a very favourable or unfavourable amount over the short term. Long term everyone will get the same positive and negative coolers. So playing a game where primarily you’re focussed on value betting has a limited win rate. By learning to properly redline spots villains are under defending or have ranges that struggle vs large bets you can bet both bigger with value hands and include more bluffs as a result and bet more often etc. Yes, it’s more difficult as it requires a far better understanding of how ranges interact and where gaps form from imbalances in earlier trees. It’s however highly profitable as you’re gaining more value with ranges than a mostly value heavy range does

  4. I'm confused are you advocating for playing loose aggressive or just aggressive? I tend to think of loose as calling a lot and aggressive as betting and raising frequently. By playing looser you can't add to your red line. Red line is composed of winnings before showdown and you can't win a hand pre-showdown by calling

  5. Again. No point going into huge details on this forum as there’s no net gain to do so and can spend paragraphs explaining what someone might learn in years of working with solves. You have many combos that are mix freq in solves but when adjusted for population leaks can dramatically shift EV of strategies. I’ll give you a clue, low stakes do villains make more mistakes when facing a bet or a check in single raised pots ? Is the EV the same for a hand like TP or an overpair after the flop checks through and turn is a blank ? Will leave it at that.

  6. That's where I'm at...I am just concerned about his mental health when this blows up and he loses everything. His parents already won't talk to him because he keeps asking them for money, so he is risking that relationship.

  7. If he’s that stubborn and stupid and continues to ignore you, time to cut ties. You can be sure he will want your help (and money) after he’s scammed again

  8. How do you decide to lead check or donk 1/3rd. Do you just see people playing 1/3 and figure to just randomly click buttons and donk 1/3rd? Is there a reason you choose this size turn and river and lead rather than any other action ?

  9. After reflecting back a couple days on this, I can confirm that it was a tilt play and it's why none of it makes sense. The donk betting, the bet sizing... It was all random because in the moment I was tilted and committed myself to this poor line of play vs this guy I thought I push off the pot simply....because?

  10. The hand itself is fine to compete from the SB for 0.5bb. Post flop is tricky. Most of the time you will lose the extra 0.5 and can be fine with it. Your hand is janky but can flop strong sometimes. The mental game part is the tougher aspect. Recognising your triggers and tilt will help play better when you recognise tilt and confront it. Great reflection

  11. I appreciate the feedback. Maybe I'll hold onto it until I get a better offer. Maybe I'll use it myself. We'll see.

  12. I get the impression you’re a bit or a gamer dad (no hate) and are/were hoping you could parley this as your big find of the season into gearing out your chars. It’s not gonna do it, but settle for less, get the runes and use them to earn more. Rather than having it sit in your stash 3 weeks when you could have earned way more with the new gear

  13. That's what I was thinking was for the right buyer, this is high value. But jist have to find the player...

  14. You do realise the value is also generated by demand as it has no intrinsic value. It’s likely worth a lot less and you should be happy with 3hr but accept 2.5 etc as an example. If there was more demand it’s easier to hold out

  15. There’s one listed for 5hr on hc =,] people are ridiculous

  16. Do you understand that what an item is listed as and what it sells as are two entirely different things and does not specify value. This item is worth at most GUL if you could find a buyer and in reality probably Mal for a buyer on HC

  17. Contrary to popular belief : open smaller in EP. This lets you play wider with hands that play well multi-way and allows some clown to click back and open the betting again for you to 4b with your big hands It also keeps pots small when you’re oop so you’re not commited with SPR to have to stack off with an overpair on a bad board 5handed and lose to some ugly 2pair. In position however raise as big as you want

  18. You’re getting soft core prices. It’s worth less than if it had min dmg. Ariubvx 3-3.5HR

  19. Trade site . Look at the trade site. It’s literally a green item. Look at the trade site

  20. 2/2 uncapped in Paris. Drunk tilting middle eastern wannabe gangster whale losing and tilting 1800e effective. Isolate whale with KK in EP nit lady 3b to 50 in SB, whale calls. 4bet to 200 nit tank folds, whale snap calls. J86s whale snap donk jams stack I snap call his QTs binks and it’s all over. Dude then does some middle eastern inspired dance and jingle talks some trash and then snap hit and runs. Nice

  21. Idk why people think “hit and run” is toxic. He donated money to u then leaves when he wins. Oh well

  22. It’s a 2000bb pot and the dude racked immediately while having the audacity to start trash talking (one way exchange). He’s free to do what he wants but it’s a social game and if this was any other live setting it would be absolute scummy.

  23. Wtf is this like a forced rathole group game. Make it a timed rebuy tournament or a low stakes 2c5c cash game for $5 or have match the stack later.

  24. You’re playing for money with strangers. Get thicker skin and you don’t need to care what they think or your game. You play yours they play theirs.

  25. It’s good for a trapper as FRW is very good on this build

  26. I play a WC barb on hardcore with a fairly unique setup and it just feels amazingly smooth, consistent and strong. Best char I’ve ever made. I’m curse immune, 105% FCR, max PDR and do 7k WC dmg

  27. Not really, the caster craft can get nutty base stats and about 1:25 will roll 5-10% pdr. I got around 15 that won’t sell. A few god tier ones with massive stats and crazy corruptions like +2max all res with pdr but a hard sell

  28. You don’t. For online play you just stick as close to optimal as possible.

  29. Online timing tells are a real thing. You will find like most things at Least in mid low stakes payers are unbalanced in their timings. Especially in spots that require a mixed strategy etc. the example of a player delay checking on turn or river slightly in these spots can often be a timing tell

  30. You don’t need a hud and you don’t need individual player reads. At uNL there are so many players itr doesn’t matter. Work out and approximate what overall reg and rec population is doing. Study and learn how to bluff and attack capped ranges as this will teach you bet size better and get more value from your good hands. 3b and squeeze lots and lots. Check raise lots especially when vils deviate and give sizing tells. Accept losing and be brave and play for stacks when you need to and you will progress

  31. Positive redline, positive blue line. You already remove around 98% of the player pool.

  32. As easy it is to copy paste I would prefer they close the trading channels to consolidate and funnel the market into the trade site.

  33. How do I trade for mass crafting regents then? The only way I’ve found is discord or making a trade game

  34. This thread has been great at confirming what we've all been claiming - "offer" is an attempt to boost extra value out of an item. Nothing more, nothing less.

  35. As a HC player and really high volume trader here’s my take and a recent interaction. Pricing a common item takes 30seconds extra and will sell far easier. If you don’t know and it’s a common item list it at around a mal/ist or Gul and you will get massive currency flipping otherwise useless items to your chars in your stash. If it’s a trickier item decide what you think is the lowest you’d accept and the highest it could potentially go and list it somewhere in between and see what happens. The market always has a buying and selling price and the true value is somewhere in between.

  36. and then get ignored cause i know my item is worth 2HR. Have you ever thought that "offer" meant: "hmm let me see what are people prepared to offer for this item".

  37. That’s exactly why you get noobs trying to cash in on their one good item while their character is in shit gear farming slow while they time waste and trade terribly and alienate half the actual people interested in their item.

  38. Go on the damn trade site, search quivers. It’s literally able to tell you this and Reduce the endless spam. How hard is it to go on the trade site ? This is lazy to the nth degree. Sorry ranting

  39. Please love of god go on the trade site and do it.

  40. I have been monitoring templars for the past few days and what I have learned is:

  41. It’s fine there’s always a buyers and sellers price and the actual price sits somewhere in between. These won’t sell and after a few cycles they either drop the price to a reasonable level and it sells or it sits in the stash and the user then complains now one is trading etc and game dead blah blah

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