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  1. Okay I’m obviously from Utah, how the hell do I bet.

  2. This sounds like a good way to get in a lot of trouble if you happen to win big.

  3. IRS doesn't care as long as you pay taxes on that money

  4. just say "I'm building the pot! lets make some big pots and put some money on the line!"

  5. paranormal encounters are often associated with owls and they are considered by some to be mystical creatures. not surprised with your turn of fortune.

  6. it cant be obvious or you'll look like mike postle, gotta lose some hands

  7. But why choose to play this one then? You have all the time to get an appropriate spot, if you’re good enough to know that you can’t cheat anywhere, you wouldn’t call/give the signal here? This is such a mess

  8. If I'm theorizing I'd say Robbi got the vibration signal telling her she had the best hand, and went for a raise to take down the pot, not expecting to get jammed on, and being too much of a novice to see how suspicious it would look, she called. I doubt the communication method between her and the cheater was complex enough to relay that a call in this weird spot would look bad.


  10. Makes no sense that the house would be helping her cheat because Garrett gives them a cut of his winnings so they wouldn't want him to lose.

  11. Making garrett show first too! Haha simply epic. Just admit you got pwned G-Man!

  12. I doubt a poker renaissance will ever happen again because growth is almost always driven by 18-35 year olds and I don’t think either of those projects will get those demographics that much more interested in poker.

  13. I see your young people won't care about Brunson and raise you Brunson has an incredible life's story that is bound to be interesting to anyone.

  14. No way, I’ve re-listened intently a dozen times because of your comment and I’m still fully convinced he says “I love your coat.” This could simply be one of those white and gold/blue and black situations though

  15. The boos don’t even make sense anymore

  16. I was at UFC 278 and when Wu Yanan was fighting everyone was booing and chanting "USA" so I got my buddies to start chanting "CCP! CCP! CCP!"

  17. "Isn't he fucking awesome" tbf McGregor did bring the company millions upon millions, maybe a billion of dollars.

  18. lets not forget the UFC used that dolly footage in all the promos

  19. Yeah. I think people outside of Utah won’t be thinking of a credit union when they hear the name.

  20. y'all gonna be sucking his dick when he holds 3 belts at once

  21. Really? Are you sure? All I’ve ever seen says that it’s all illegal. If not, good news for me!


  23. how do I buy a pound for $200 I can't even find an oz for $200 over here

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