1. It will be equivalent to a cat 12 tornado swirling on a 50 ton meteor with 8 active volcanos

  2. Please don’t leave out the 5 tsunamis and the 4 9.0 magnitude earth quakes

  3. Man, I would of thought 100+ revives would of gotten through all the carinas challenges. 😂

  4. Imo auntmai works best because it's a data site for objective info rather than a guide

  5. What is love? Oh, baby, don't glitch me Don't glitch me no more

  6. This is from “Juggs and Guns Monthly”. The give away are her boobas and arms.

  7. It wasn't enough for OP to use AI to generate these images that they didn't imagine on their own, nor do they have the technical skill to create—they now want to steal these images even further, presumably in a desperate effort to skirt the recent AI copyright ruling.

  8. As an illustrator and artist, I absolutely fucking hate AI art.

  9. Portal 5 (Gambit) it takes you to the top left.

  10. it says 'January 5th January 19th', you can see the

  11. This movie is fun as hell; I don’t even like calling it a “bad” movie. Stuart Gordon’s other sci fi flicks are great, too; there’s Fortress which is a completely bonkers prison escape movie, and Robot Jox which is probably my favorite cheesy movie of all time.

  12. I absolutely love this movie!! Ah late nights and HBO 3.4 million years ago. Couldn’t appreciate it then but I do now.

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