1. Reported several cases months ago, still no update. Am starting to think that they just don't care

  2. Not a vet. I usually give my pigs homemade critical care when I feel like they are losing weight/recovering from a surgery. I blend bananas, oats, apples and hay in a blender and feed a little bit to them. I hear that cranberries can help with bladder stuff but I don't know how true that is.

  3. I would love this, message me! Got into camping just this year and would love to go backpacking but I'm too scared.

  4. Is Meshikou on Bethel still open? They used to be our go-to in the before-times.

  5. Expensive, but Ty Ginger has the best ones in my opinion. They are a dim sum place and super authentic.

  6. Just like the other person said, is probably your best bet. "A good therapist" is very subjective and it depends on your needs. For example, many therapists have different therapy methods to treat various conditions. I personally do better with a therapy method called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) so I specifically requested someone that specializes in that. You can filter based off of stuff like that as well as insurance and other things.

  7. PetPeople is a chain but they are local and it is a small business. I love them and I have had nothing but good experiences.

  8. Hey, I have 5 guinea pigs and two passed away last year. I am so sorry for your loss. I would not recommend going to MedVet for it since they will cost extra since it is an emergency vet. I went to Forever Friends Pet Cremation/Memorialization and they did great. Good luck, take your time processing. Message me if you need support <3

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