1. I'm thinking more of the scenario of cruising through a nice scenic area and just relaxing; that's what I see the Miata as for at its very best. In that instance, I see a nice, extremely easy automatic transmission as preferable--less to worry about and keeps the emphasis on the whole experience and not just the minutia of acceleration

  2. I very much appreciate your thoughtful and articulate comments.

  3. There may be some zip lines near Jaco, I don’t think it would be wise to try to get to Arenal and back

  4. Gonna be a stretch in terms of time, by the time you get through immigration, customs and get shuttled to the rental car place etc. You have to get yourself there, do the activity and get back befor e 6:30 which is unlikely. Your best shot if they are operating is Adventure Park in San Jose de la Montaña in Heredia for ziplining. Or a more reasonable option might be Rescate Animal which is a wildlife rescue center about 20 mins from the airport.

  5. Iguana Reef is great and you should definitely go, but if you want a dock to yourself go have dinner at Wish Willy and ask him to unlock the gate on his dock for you. I've spent many hours there relaxing and reading on the dock as well as snorkeling and taking midnight swims. I'll be back for more in August :)

  6. If you Google "Juan Santamaría Airport Rental Car" you will get a list of nearby agencies with their closing hours. It looks like most of them close at night, but Long Term Car Rental says is open 24hrs. I don't know which cars they have or if they are any good, but due to your schedule your options look limited.

  7. Alamo, Enterprise and National Car rental are 24 hours by the airport. I may suggest to pick it up better the next day after resting, eating and settle in.

  8. Does anyone know where we can rent scooters or mini bikes in CR?

  9. Where in CR are you located? I'll be in San Jose next week.

  10. Hopkins, gold panning, cenote diving, railroad rights of way, confederate sugar mill, sittee river, birding, zoo and various festivals.

  11. Where can one pan for gold in Belize? Going in 3 days! :)

  12. I'm afraid my knowledge is pretty general but the basic concept is drainages of the maya mountains contain alluvial and flour gold. Stann Creek the sittee and the macal. Google a document called : gold potential of the Maya mountains. Belize's best kept secret.

  13. CASH! I go to Caye Caulker a few times a year and I always bring US cash - nothing bigger than $20. My first visit, I used the ATM at Atlantic bank (the only place I used a card the whole trip) and on the way home got a call from my bank about fraudulent charges. Oh and eat at Wish Willy for dinner at least once! Maurice is the best chef on the island and he'll make you something delicious for $10 US. Also Chef Kareem on the beach for fresh lobster at lunchtime. Hope to see you there! Go slow 😎

  14. You left off my #1 reason for doing the same - using cruise control keeps me from inadvertently speeding through small "speed trap" towns as I travel.

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