1. Been living in HK for a few years now. These aunties bus around recyclables and resell boxes to local businesses. They really do not give a fuck about traffic laws and will always cross no matter the traffic.

  2. Better wording with it would be "don't gamble with your teeth"

  3. I'm advocating for profiling, period. If the FBI and other police resources can be on the lookout for terror attacks, stopping them before they have a chance to be carried out, then it only makes sense to focus on mass shootings.

  4. I love it. Like those Thomas the Tank Engine horror shorts

  5. All disabled people aren't in a wheelchair though. Also. How would someone in a wheelchair get around?

  6. No idea, the car shouldn't be there. But people who can walk can walk around.

  7. This has been up well before the protests. I saw it as far back as 2016

  8. Imagine being woken up to your parent beating you only to find out it was because you fell asleep. Lmaooooo

  9. russian soldier who was taken prisoner by Ukrainians and while being in Ukrainian hands he was shitting on russia so when the prisoner exchange happened he was executed. Some bits might be off but it's generally what happened

  10. That makes no sense, if he was fighting for UA they wouldn't have swapped him in an exchange. He likely got captured.

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