1. The cope is crazy LMAO you're killing me dude

  2. Tell me you get no bitches without telling me you get no bitches.

  3. I'm GM and coached my wife who doesnt play fighting games to silver, if you want help improving send me a replay ID :)

  4. Try to get as far away from the point where you activate your incense as you can. I've encountered them only when going far away in a straight line. Also it helps if it's windy I heard. Seen 4 legendaries in the span of 2 weeks, but sadly ran away every time :'( even with berry and excellent throw.

  5. I think it's pure luck. I used it at work one time and it spawned on top of me before I even moved

  6. I was DMing a module called Blibdoolpoolp Rising where you are working on rescuing a paladin that was kidnapped by Kuotoa to be their new god. For those not in the know, Kuotoa are capable of creating gods just by believing hard enough.

  7. Thats incredible I pledge my allegiance to Shaun

  8. Terro baits have lots of sugar in them to attract more ants to eat the poison. An exterminator that I worked with said the best thing to do is use dawn soap or Windex to clean the areas that they had trails, and to keep the baits outside.

  9. I didn't want a giant pile of ants in my house so I just put them outside where I suspected they were - worked like a charm. Every spring I go pick up the 2 empty baits and replace them and the ants are gone.

  10. Incredibly based tanooki mario and daisy picker

  11. This Old Dog, the title track???? anyone??

  12. I feel like asking a human to spend days or hours or weeks to do what a computer can do in seconds is immoral. I also think forcing an artist to create art to eat and survive is immoral.

  13. Artists actually like doing art and actively want to live off of it

  14. Facts, I made a sorcerer and had quite literally no idea how any of it worked and just cast fire bolt. I did get the final hit on a dragon at least so there's that lol

  15. She sounds absolutely terrible, but i don't think you need to catastrophize to that level. You're probably okay, if the pain gets a lot worse or doesn't go away I would see a doctor.

  16. Going to the ER as soon as my phone charges enough to make sure I can communicate to get back home. The pain has gotten a lot worse. My spine felt hot, and icing it helped and then it made the pain worse.

  17. This seems like an overreaction to me but you know your body, if you feel it necessary go ahead!

  18. Nah, it goes hard. I would probably click on your music from the name, and if it suits your work then it would just be funny/endearing to me

  19. What makes luke broken isn't that he's 'braindead easy' it's that he has every tool you could ever want in a character

  20. Anyone know of any minis I can buy with this sort of style

  21. Quickplay has like 0 relevance to offline play- don't worry about it

  22. It's understandable for someone who's never had a massage or heard much about them to have these questions. That's why we communicate so extensively to our clients.

  23. So also when they called me I book with them for a massage. I was surprised when she didn’t follow up and ask for a specific type. Are all rmt massages the same? Are people allowed to ask for different pressure

  24. Yes you can ask for a different pressure for sure. They probably booked you in for a standard therapeutic massage which is typically aimed to be a little deeper than a relaxation treatment but can still be light if you want it to be

  25. Lol, you know, I was thinking about how there isn't a borderlands gun in enter the I thought of one!

  26. If its borderlands 2 we also need a sand hawk!

  27. How do someone almost fall for this?

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