1. My mouth dried out just looking at these pics jeez.. if that qualifies as good I’d really hate to see bad

  2. At one point pork had a parasite commonly found in it so it needed to be cooked throughly, ground meat the same. The 1900's as a whole were a lot more dangerous sanitation wise than I think a lot of people realise

  3. Trichinosis or however you spell it. Still is common in bear and wild boar meat I’m pretty sure. Deadly to humans

  4. Dude didn't even achieve his goal, which adds insult to injury

  5. Cast iron, it was frozen vacuum sealed for like 2 weeks, i then thawed it in my fridge and dry brined it overnight.

  6. What's the optimal time to salt and let sit in the fridge then? I always thought 24 hours was ideal for a nice crust

  7. No more than 4 hours then dry off as much as possible before putting pepper or other seasoning on. Then let the pepper sit for about 10 min or so, so it adheres better. I can’t stress enough how dry to make that steak. That’s the main goal of a long dry brine anyways, is to fry the surface out, but I’ve found that if you let the salt water sit and reabsorb too long, then this^ is an almost unavoidable result

  8. Same. Even when it isn’t passive aggressive, I always feel it is meant disrespectfully when being said to me. But that might just be a self worth issue

  9. Tuna melts are amazing, and I get em whenever I find em. This take makes a lot of my fellow chefs salty as fuck.

  10. Dude a good tuna melt is one of my guilty pleasure foods. I’m with you 100% on this one.. I get made fun of when I order them but I will never stop

  11. What you call common sense a lot of people call an infringement. Especially when there are other ways to look at the problem.

  12. Don’t worry. Most people agree with you this is just a place for the reactionaries.

  13. Yeah, about 24 hours. I know it needs more than one hour to dry brine, but you're right I haven't thought about an upper limit.

  14. When I stopped salting for more than 6 hours, my gray bands disappeared no matter how I cooked the steaks. Check my post history for examples. I usually just go hard sear over hot coals on the Weber, and always have awesome crust and wall to wall temps. The main thing you need to do is make sure it’s been longer than an hour (like you said) and to pat it as dry as bone before adding the other seasonings and cooking.

  15. Lmao if anyone wants to take a whole ass trip to the gulf for 2 hours of rideable waves a month they can be my guest and I will literally show them where and when to go

  16. Damn I do really love hush puppies.. okay yeah. Anyone who stays with me we’ll do a fish fry with some fresh caught specs and homemade hush puppies. See y’all in Galveston.. bring your antibiotics.

  17. I get the memes and shit, and the feds deserve criticism. The ATF particularly isn't a useful government agency. But the government isn't some bungling idiot. Everything it touches doesn't fall apart. Some of what it touches does, and some doesn't and works quite well. If we canbeleive the government can build, run and supply the strongest military in history then it can set counter mass shooter training standards up for and hold local police forces accountable for staying trained up.

  18. You don’t understand. That military isn’t bound by the same rules as us here domestically. They really do get to do whatever the fuck they want cuz they train and sell weapons to everyone else

  19. Damn those four are gonna be BIG losses, hope the younger players are ready to step up

  20. Morris and Mitchell showed flashes.. Hunter has proven he’s a beast and capable guard.

  21. He is a billionaire hedge fund manager ... For now

  22. Walking in and getting a table is hard at Abel’s on a regular $1 beer Tuesday. I can’t even imagine it on a daytime elite 8 game lmao

  23. oh yeah, foxcomm? At least us in south east asia and latin america in these outsourcing companies get vacations and healthcare, shitty salary but a single person can live of it fine here, but those poor suckers in china, they have no protection from their own country

  24. It’s even more heinous than that.. their own country probably helped put them there, then turns around and pretends they no longer exist.

  25. It's hard to hold Apple to account in this case, but if they contract with a company that knowingly engages in illegal labor practices, they share some responsibility. legally

  26. Wait until you learn who works in their factories lol.. let’s just say it’s a treasure trove of unpaid laborers (slaves)

  27. Isn’t it a war crime to attack the wounded?? I mean.. come the fuck on I get the sentiment surrounding russia but let’s not lose our fucking humanity

  28. Oh man this reminds me I haven't made eggs woodhouse in a while

  29. Obviously, we have no bias.... but the 4 best teams all year not competing for a championship?

  30. Lmao you can’t say you’re one of the 4 best teams if you fucking lost in a field of 16 teams. Go cope some more loser.

  31. looks like my final four tickets are going up on ticketmaster. gg miami, i was afraid of this after yalls rebounding performance against IU. love wong and hate texas so i’ll be rooting for yall. fuck. i’ll miss sasser.

  32. The inquisitors seem to think so, count them as Jedi.

  33. That guy made Sports. That record fucks hard. He can do what he wants. Now Henry Winkler, he's an asshole.

  34. But the fonz is 10000000000x better than anything Huey has ever done. That’s facts.

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