1. The ride feels identical to stock. Stock is 19/20 these are 20/21. Just slightly bigger. In person they dont look too big for the car but i can see in this picture they kind of do.

  2. You got down voted for simply explaining how you've spent $120k how you've wanted to.

  3. I wish. I’ve got a contract role finishing soon, I was hoping that there would be a lot of options for my next contract. Sadly, it’s a bit quiet for me at the moment.

  4. I daily drive my M3. I daily drove my M5 before that and my F80 m3 before that

  5. No im in florida. If i had awd i would daily the m3 in snow. My m5 was awd and i would def daily it in snow as i know alot of people who do up in the tri state area

  6. I like that. Never bought the M i wanted because it snows 6 months of the year where im at. But honestly that shouldnt be an excuse to not enjoy life. I think im pulling the trigger soon

  7. On earnings, would a 7 day to expiry have a bigger IV crush than a 14 day to expiry?

  8. You have to say when expiration is relative to the event. When you say 7 vs 14 days, do you mean before the event (expiration on the event day), or after the event (expiration is 7 or 14 days after the event), or something else?

  9. First and foremost thank you for answering questions on here. Your answers are always well elaborated.

  10. I think LEAPS on SPY are a bad choice. Id only do LEAPS on stocks that I anticipate will blow up in the future such as TSLA did in the past. Other than that Theta and IV will just eat away at your wallet

  11. Nah must be something else, I have 13 speeding tickets, 2 DUI and 1 reckless driving and still got my CCL... tho I was never convicted of the DUI's or the reckless but definitely the speeding tickets

  12. I appreciate your prompt reply. Would you be able to comment on compensation within the pricing segment? Does it pay better than FP&A?

  13. My title is FP&A Manager. Group is called cost and margin assessment.

  14. I am a store, and a plaintiff. Per Devore's team, I can only sell to plaintiffs. The stores selling do so at risk that if the law stands, they could be charged. The people buying run the same risk.

  15. What would I be charged with? Making an illegal purchase? Risk is having them confiscated?

  16. I read that whole garbage heap of a law and believe a $10,000 fine per instance was mentioned which would suck.

  17. I don’t have a motorised boot so I have to push it up.

  18. This is true. But when you replace them, apply less pressure when pushing up. It will be slower, but increases longevity of the strut

  19. This is not from the 90’s, that’s a 2007 iMac in the background

  20. You know that for a fact or just doing the typical thing of finding an excuse for everything on Reddit?

  21. Do you know for a fact that he is not on private property? Such as his own corporation's campus? Or are you doing the typical thing on reddit of picking on people and being a Karen?

  22. Once you get and complete your first test they'll begin to pour in. Atleast that was my experience.

  23. It anyone needs a doctor in the Chicagoland area as part of the appeal process, please dm me. I don’t want to post publicly so he doesnt get bombarded by new patients because he is just one man, but I can vouch that he is a reasonable guy without any biases.

  24. I hop this is from a genuine heart with integrity and not a loop hole/insurance fraud. You're wild for middle man'ing this. (A bit suspicious too)

  25. Does the F10 'break down alot? Im considering getting a 15 with 60k miles, but It'll be a daily and I need transportation. I do understand that I need to fill both gas and oil alot. Just wondering how bad reliability is

  26. I’ve had great luck with mine and I drive it hard it’s a 2013 and I have 60k miles on it and haven’t had any major break downs, just maintenance you should check out bimmer post f10 forum. They are decently reliable cars as long as you keep up on maintenance, mine has also been tuned and decatted so pushing around 600whp since 30k miles and I dd in the winter and summer

  27. I'm sure these responsible gun owners will be some of the first people to register their weapons to the state...

  28. TV should be mounted on the wall. It's 2023 man. Then you can run whatever "stand" for aesthetics or consoles etc.

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