1. we do it like Douglas Creek Caledonia or 1492 landback lane. Google it cause it's the only way.

  2. Okay so virtual care wasn't cancelled out right by the government. Doctors and government agreed to a fee cut for telephone/virtual appointment that kick in today making clinics like rocket doctor not feasible.

  3. See a medical professional as cannabis is known for making anxiety worse 50% of the time op.

  4. then don't be getting out of your car and don't be shoving your lit cigarette into someone else's gas tank. And hope you don't get in trouble for holding an electronic device while driving your vehicle.

  5. Yeah too bad highway traffick act doesn't apply on private property like parking lots so he can device all he wants

  6. WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. No one can get a family doctor, we HAVE online services available and theyre taking that away too? Fuck ford and fuck anyone who voted for him.

  7. Not taken it away just paying alot less so clinics are closing this was agreed too by both doctors and government months ago.

  8. I thought that as well, but as of right now you can’t make multiple bets on same game 3pt props and yet you can make them for any other prop like assists, points and rebounds… I’ve been betting 3s props all week and now I can’t mix them with others

  9. They said losing money I dont have the over/under option for 3pts made anymore after winning two decent pots.

  10. It should be required by law for scrap metal shops to take photos and record IDs of individuals bringing in copper wire/pipes. Same goes for pawn shops. Those shops are complicit in these thefts and they just don't care.

  11. Unfortunately the notwithstanding clause likely will be used to overrule the courts

  12. Can you even use that for a court ruling? Holy shit, if you can, who the fuck came with with NWC?

  13. Yes it can be used after a court rules legislation is unconditional. Pierre Trudeau didn't want the Clause but that was only way the provinces wod agree to the charter.

  14. Depends when your unit was first occupied.

  15. Majority of distillate and live resin vapes only have THC with added terpenes. If you’re looking for a cart with multiple cannabinoids check out Boost (THC, THCv, CBG) or Lights Out (THC, CBN, CBG) rosin cartridges from Level in California. I’ve found these to be highly effective!

  16. Live resin is true to flower it's concentrated form of the flower that made it does not have added terpenes to it. All the major cannabinoid in the flower also would be in the live resin.

  17. Good luck my man. I posted today's lotto ticket just now. I highly recommend doing straight bets on my NHL parlays if you truly want to make money.

  18. Ive been doing pretty good until last two days for my under 3pts made parlays.

  19. It's illegal to smoke/vape on public transit of any kind fines are up to 5000$

  20. You are suppose to smoke crack on the TTC not vape carts .

  21. What really? I thought it’s the city’s job for taking care of the snow/ice on the sidewalk

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